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Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD Review

60" Elite Full Array Local Dimming LED 3D TV

The Elite name returns but instead of being a high end plasma manufactured by Pioneer they are now high end LED back-lit LCD television manufactured under liense by Sharp. They share a similar look to the previous Elite series television and are packed full of new technology and features and are aimed at the high-end videophile market.

Picture and Viewing Features

The 1080p 240Hz panel features a new, full array local dimming LED backlight that uses zones of controlled backlights shining though a diffuser to increase light uniformity and bypass the halo effect normally found in edge lit LED televisions. Sharp is calling their technology "Intelligent Variable Contrast", not only does it dim back lighting behind dark areas of the screen it pushes the power not being used there to the back lights behind the light areas of the screen for increased contrast and stronger black levels.

Quadpixel returns with the Elite series TVs and again these TVs features RGB+Y pixels. By adding a yellow subpixel to the three red, green and blue subpixel Sharp not only claims vastly imcreased color performance, they also claim increased detail from the added subpixels.

The Elite series TVs are THX 3D Display certified and use active 3D technology, it is not known whether they will include 3D glasses.


Don't expect ultra thin televisions when looking at full array back lit TVs, the trade off in depth is usually worth it in pixel quality and the Elite series run about 3 inches in depth. On the front the black panel is surrounded by a brushed metal bezel reminiscent of the old Elite TVs, it was a good look then and remains so now. It is classy and a bit understated when compared to some other modern flat panels but we like the look of the Elite series.

Internet Applications and Connectivity

WiFi connectivity is included in the TV and can be used to connect to the streaming video and social networking applications you expect to see on connected TVs in 2011. Netflix, VuDu, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Napster, Pandora, CinemaNow and more are featured. No web browser has been announced at press time.

Standout Features

Full Array, Local Dimming LED Backlighting

RGB+Y Color Technology

THX, THX 3D Display and ISF Certification

Classy, Understated Appearance

240Hz Fluidmotion. The 240Hz feature in the Sharp LED TVs is not as over-hyped in eliminating natural background blur as are some of the other competitors. This is a positive thing, as it leaves the picture looking more natural while eliminating much of the judder and jerky effects that are a problem on LED TVs.

Internet connectivity and built-in WiFi

Elite Advantage Service


Just like televisions under the Elite name before, don't look to this TV if you are looking for budget pricing. This is an extremely high end TV with looks and features to match, we expect it to sell for around $5999 from authorized dealers.


  • Screen: 60" Class (60 1/32" Diagonal)
  • Panel: Full array local dimming LED back-lit LCD
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • 3D Capability
  • Intelligent Variable Contrast
  • RGB+Y (Quadpixel) Color
  • THX, THX 3D and ISF Certified
  • 240Hz Fluidmotion
  • UV2A Technology
  • Audio: 15W x 2 + 15W (WF)
  • Built in WiFi
  • Elite Advantage Support
  • Dimensions:
  • TV + stand: PRO-60X5FD 55 1/8" x 34 13/16" x 13 1/8"
  • TV only: PRO-60X5FD 55 1/8" x 33 7/16" x 3 1/32"
  • Weight:
  • TV + stand: PRO-60X5FD 71.7 lbs./32.5 kg
  • TV only: PRO-60X5FD 66.1 lbs./30.0 kg


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