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Samsung UN55D7000 Review

Model: Samsung UN55D7000
Description: 55" 1080p LED Backlit LCD Television with 3D (super thin)
Included: Table Top Stand, 2 Pair 3D Glasses
Reviewer: Robert Wiley and Jack Burden
Date: Late Summer 2011

Features: 8.5/10

Design: People either love or hate the UND7000 table top stand. For those that will be wall mounting, this is not an issue anyway. It could be called obnoxious, but I like that it's different and it swivels 20 degrees. It's functional, cool design. The super thin trim framing this TV is only .35" in width all the way around the screen. It has a chrome silver finish on the edges. One thing I also like about the appearance is the jet black screen when the TV is off. This is Ultra Clear Panel which absorbs light and has a incredible depth.

(Left) The Samsung logo light can be easily turned off. Quad leg stand and neck.
(Center) Back inputs shoot out the side and bolt holes are recessed for extremely tight wall mounting on the D7000.
(Right) Bezel framing of the D7000

Menu Function and Remote Control: Samsung's new menu for the D7000 is quick and has a handy description of each function out beside the highlighted feature. As one would expect from this level of TV, you get a full 10 point white balance adjustment option and lots of extra features. The Smart LED feature is the option for Samsung's new micro-dimming technology. We noticed a very slight flicker occasionally when the micro dimming feature adjusts one part of the screen to enhance contrast. It's really not distracting, but picture purists will probably prefer it off. There are tons of optional picture settings in the Advanced and Picture Options settings. We've done the work for you on which of these to use. See our recommendations below in the picture section.

One of the key differences of the UND7000 from the highest end UND8000 is the normal remote control that comes with the UND7000. It's backlit, functional, and has a special Smart Hub key for accessing Samsung's Smart Hub Internet TV features.

The UND7000's overlaid menu with feature description

Audio Output: Unlike most very slim LED-LCD TVs the D7000's 15 X 15 watt speakers performed solidly. Voice is well separated and clear and volume was sufficient to fill a large room. Overall sound is just well separated and there is also ample bass which is especially surprising considering the speaker housing size. The D7000 also has a Auto Volume leveler for to help reduce those annoying advertising volume increases.

The new 3D glasses are lighter and more comfortable than last years and come with a rechargeable USB cable which can connect directly to the TV.

Extra Features: The UND7000 comes set with loaded with many of Samsung's top features such as 3D compatibility, Smart Hub Internet TV options, 240Hz processing, Micro-Dimming, and their most up to date design. The Clear Motion Rate (CMR) 720 feature is really just a hyped specification to try to convey a high Hz processing equivalent speed for fast motion images. We found some settings for the Auto Motion Plus (240Hz) processing feature we feel good about below. It's important to get this adjustment right on the UND7000. Media Play: Use this feature connected through USB to keep picture and video files.

Samsung's Smart Hub options menu

Internet Connectivity: The Samsung UND7000 includes built in Wifi, so it's nice not to have to purchase an extra Wifi dongle. Samsung's Smart Hub or Smart TV has has a pretty thorough offering of Internet TV options, but the UND7000 does not have a built in web browser for search. Samsung's Smart TV or Smart Hub features the usual suspects Netflix, Vudu, Rovi, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Hulu Plus, and a ton of little Apps that cost between .99 and $2.99. Skype is an available option on the UND7000 with an optional camera (CY-S7C1100-ZA) for $169.

Inputs: For a super thin TV, the D7000 contains all you will need in inputs. There are 4 HDMI, 2 composite and 1 component through included breakout cables. There are 3 USB 2.0 inputs and a PC D-Sub. The inputs shoot out the sides of the back to enable tight wall mounting.

HD Picture Quality: 9/10 (post calibration)

SD Picture Quality: 9/10 (post calibration)

An HD shot of a volcanic scene from Maui, Hawii shows of the UND7000's brightness, depth and color reproduction.

No one can deny a few facts about the UND7000 picture performance. 1) It is extremely bright with tremendous light (especially in scenes with sunlight streaming into the picture). 2) Colors are vibrant to the point of over saturation unless you are careful with the Picture Mode (the preset Movie picture mode is best) and the picture settings (see our calibrated settings on the next page). 3) Black levels from the Ultra Clear panel are very good. 4) With the proper set up, you can obtain a fantastic picture quality with both HD and SD resolutions. 5) One must be careful to properly tune the Auto Motion Plus feature to get the best combination of attributes. 6) Contrast still decreases at around 25 degrees off center, but not as much as before.

With regards to #5 above our recommendation is to tune the Auto Motion Plus (found in the Picture Options settings) feature to the Custom setting. Adjust the Judder reduction section of this feature to the #2 level (down from 5). This will prevent deletion of natural background blur while still allowing for a smooth motion appearance during on-screen fast action. This setting proved very good results in our HQV tests. We also highly recommend turning off the Digital Noise Reduction and MPEG Movie Filter features due to unwelcome shuttering effects.

A very bright clear pic from the 480i version DVD of Seabiscuit shows the excellent up-conversion of the UN55D7000.

The up-conversion during Standard definition programming is very good. There is plenty of detail and edges of images were sharp from lower resolution signals.

The picture depth of this TV is one of the best we have tested due in part to the effective Ultra Clear Panel. The UND7000 is a good as a plasma TV in this area. Some of the 2D programming actually looks a little bit 3D which makes the picture come to life.

3D picture performance was also very good. The only drawbacks were some glare from the insides of the 3D glasses and tired eyes when viewing some material. We did not note any flashing, flicker, crosstalk, or bottom corner blurring – all problems experienced with last year's Samsung 3D TVs.

Some TV reviewers write about the edge-lit light uniformity issues associated with LED-LCD TVs. Though we did notice it, it did not stand out as a strong negative.

Light Uniformity Issues: Some TV reviewers write about the edge-lit light uniformity issues associated with LED-LCD TVs and even this model. The issue is present and much more obvious at side angles at the right and left edges of the screen. And it's also much more obvious when turning up the backlight. From front and center with the proper backlight setting, we do not see it as much of an problem.

3D TV Glasses: The model is one of Samsung's newest (SSG-3300GR). Unlike some, these glasses are rechargeable using the included USB connection cables. The glasses are light and comfortable but as mentioned above do produce some glare off the sides of the lenses. Samsung includes 2 pair of 3D glasses in the box. Costs for extra sets will run you approximately $79.

3D Glasses charging via USB cable connected to the TV.
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