Samsung UN46D8000 Price

Samsung UN46D8000 Review

Model: Samsung UN46D8000
Description: 46" 1080p LED Backlit LCD Television with 3D (super thin)
Included: Table Top Stand, QWERTY remote, 2 Pair 3D Glasses
Reviewer: Robert Wiley and Jack Burden
Date: Late Summer 2011



  • Cool Remote with QWERTY keyboard
  • Included Full Web Browser
  • "Picture Frame" appearance
  • Good Audio Quality
  • 2 Pair Active 3D Glasses included
  • Excellent Light Throughput/Brightness
  • Good Speaker Audio
  • Rich Black screen
  • Fast Motion Smoothing


  • Side angle viewing contrast
  • Colors can oversaturate if not careful

HD Picture Quality: 9/10

The UND8000 exhibits some tendencies to over saturation of colors, but at the same time it gives exceptional bright light throughput that brings the picture to life. The picture depth is incredible and aside from some plasma competition, it's the best we've tested in this area. Contrast, sharp, clean edges, and rich color and light combine to give the depth effect. Of course, this also works out great when viewing 3D images as mentioned below.

A shot from the 3D Blu Ray of 2011's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit video.

3D TV Viewing: We viewed several 3D sources and did not note any flickering or flashing from the glasses (crosstalk). There was also no blurring in the bottom corners of images as with last years models. 3D viewing is intended to involve the viewer more in the picture and with this active 3D TV we can definitely confirm the attributes of 3D depth perception. The only negatives noted were some glare from the insides of the lenses when ambient room light was present and some tiredness in the eyes when viewing the 3D footage for periods of time.

3D TV Glasses: Samsung includes two pair of 3D glasses in the box of this TV. The model is one of Samsung's newest (SSG-3300GR). Unlike some, these glasses are rechargeable using the included USB connection cables. The glasses are light and comfortable but as mentioned above do produce some glare off the sides of the lenses. Costs for extra sets will run you approximately $79.

Standard Definition Picture Quality: 9/10

Standard definition performance is as important today as ever with all the streaming video being ported in less than top HD quality. The UND8000 does one of the finest jobs we've seen in a while with lowly resolution signals. At times, it's difficult to tell you are not watching in HD.

Contrast/Black Level: Not only does the UND8000 have inky, deep blacks it has one of the highest contrast ratios we've ever tested - above 6500:1 with a hockey puck light meter reader and over 35,000:1 with a more expensive version. Torch mode produces whites of over 100 footlamberts while even dialed back to a Backlight setting of 12 produces 60 to 65 - well above where we normally calibrate.

Dark Shadow Detail: Another area of improvement the UND8000 excels in dark shadow detail due to excellent light throughput.

Features Rating: 9.5/10

Menu Function: The 2011 blue opaque menu from Samsung is extremely complete and easy to navigate with a handy tutorial about each feature out to the right when highlighted. It's faster and easier to use than past menus. We found the Movie mode the best among the preset picture mode options by a longshot. The others present a very color inflamed picture. There are loads of extra feature options under the Advanced Settings and Picture Options settings. We've mentioned recommendations above on several. Follow our calibrated picture settings for optimal performance in a low light environment.

The UND8000's overlaid menu is easy to navigate through

Samsung's Smart Hub options menu

Internet Connectivity: The Samsung UND8000 includes built in Wifi so no need for an optional dongle. Samsung's Smart Hub is one the best Internet TV suites available, but for us the web browser is the key. We much prefer a TV with a full web browser which allows all the expanse of the Internet to a limited suite. Samsung's Smart TV or Smart Hub features the usual suspects Netflix, Vudu, Rovi, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Hulu Plus, and a ton of little Apps that cost between .99 and $2.99. Skype is available with an optional camera (CY-S7C1100-ZA) for $169.

The UND8000 has a full web browser and defaults to Bing

Value Rating: 9.25/10

The UN55D8000 represents not only a fully feature laden TV with all current future proofing included (3D, Wifi, design, Web Browser). It also is a spanking good deal at $2599 from authorized Internet retailers. Competition is from LG's passive 3D 55LW5500, the Sony XBR55HX929, and the Sharp's LC-52LE835U.

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

See the complete Samsung UN55D8000 Picture Settings and Calibration Results.


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