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Samsung PN64D7000 Review

Model: Samsung PN64D7000
Description: Full HD 1080p 64" Plasma TV 3D TV Compatible
Reviewer: Robert Wiley
Date: Summer 2011

In 2011 one of Samsung's theme for plasmas is "+1", by making the bezel even thinner they are adding 1 diagonal inch to every size of plasma, 51 replaces 50, 64 replaces 63 and so on. With the smaller bezel the physical size of the TV remains the same even though the screen is larger.


  • Realistic vibrant coloration
  • Black levels and Dark Shadow detail
  • Great Film Like experience
  • Wireless In Built
  • Smart Hub Internet Suite
  • Design and Appearance
  • Value Pricing
  • 3D Viewing Quality/Depth


  • Peak light output/ Brightness
  • No Access to menu/picture settings with Smart Hub
  • Back metal plate gets hot during operation

Picture Quality Rating (HD): 9/10

A shot from the Blu Ray of the Transporter.
A shot from the Blu Ray of the Transporter. The PND7000 shows exactly what we look for in this picture, great colors, dark shadow detail in the foreground and deep blacks in the background.

We thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the C7000 plasma series last year and we know that these TVs can deliver a great picture quality. The D7000 series also renders a superb picture, but slightly different than what we saw last year. First, let's start with the Picture Mode options which are fairly limited compared to many TVs we review. Preset Modes are Dynamic, Standard, Movie, and Relax. The Relax and Movie modes are pretty solid right out the box. We ISF calibrated the picture from the Movie Mode to D6500K and post those picture settings on the next page. We then measured peak brightness and peak black to determine a range of contrast and this is where we were first surprised. Contrast measures about half on the D7000 series than it did last year. We found the reason for the decrease to be less light output (brightness) rather than black performance. We attribute this decrease to one or both of the following explanations: 1) Plasma panel Image retention (not burn in) issues could have influenced Samsung to decrease light output and/or 2) Samsung had to reduce light output to meet internal or external energy consumption reduction requirements.

For 3D the PN59D7000 uses active shutter glasses and is Full HD 3D, sending 1080 lines of vertical resolution to each eye. Some televisions sacrifice some resolution to show 3D images and Full 3D HD provides the best 3D experience.

Samsung's SSD-3100GB 3D glasses
Samsung's SSD-3100GB 3D glasses are light and comfortable.

Picture Quality Rating (Non-HD): 9/10

Features Rating: 9.5/10

3D TV Viewing: 3D viewing is much improved from last year. The PN51D7000 is full HD active shutter 3D and comes with Samsung's 3D starter kit which includes 2 pairs of active shutter 3D glasses model SSD-3100GB and a Shrek 3D movie. The TV recognizes when the 3D glasses are synced and an alert pops up on the screen stating, "3D Glasses are now connected." Many of the issues we noted last year are gone. There was no blurring in the bottom left and right corners of the screen. There was no crosstalk and flashing from the glasses from ambient room light. Images looked great and the depth is excellent depending on the 3D movie. The PND7000 3D plasma technology does justice to 3D technology. It certainly involves you in the picture. We did note some eye fatigue after viewing for a while but not as much as last year.

Samsung's Smart Hub

Design and Appearance: The Samsung PN51D7000 looks much the same as the PND8000 series from last year except with a thinner framing bezel. It's a great looking set. The thin 1" brushed charcoal metallic finish lends a very expensive look and the depth of the TV is the same at just 1.4". There is a thick glass edging all the way around the TV. The screen when off is a deep rich charcoal color. The TV comes with a solidly built heavy table top which swivels 21 degrees side to side. Lastly, the neck is a clear acrylic piece that makes the TV look as if it's floating in air.

Inputs: Though there are 4 HDMI, 2 USB, a PC input, there is only one shared input for component and composite through an included breakout cable. Inputs are located within a cavity and pointing out the side of the TV to allow for tight wall mounting.

Value Rating: 9.5/10

The PN64D7000 has a lot of features and fantastic picture quality packed into an excellent, classy looking TV. 3D glasses are not included in the box, so those will have to be purchased separately. Many dealers are selling a bundle package with a 3D starter kit that includes 2 pairs of glasses and a 3D movie at a slightly higher price but purchasing that way will save you some money on the glasses. Competition comes from the Panasonic TC-P65GT30 and the slightly smaller LG 60PZ950.

Overall Rating: 9.25/10

See the complete Samsung PN64D7000 Picture Settings and Calibration Results.

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