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Samsung LN46C750 3D TV

Samsung LN46C750 Feature Review

Samsung isn't only producing LED backlit LCDs for 2010, the C750 line of CFL backlit LCDs contains many of the features of the more expensive LED TVs at a more affordable price. The C750 uses Samsung's 1080p, 240Hz "Ultra Clear" panel. WHile we found the motion blur reduction of the AutoMotion Plus 240Hz and 120Hz impressive during sports programming we didn't like the effect it had on picture depth in film programming. Other high hertz rate TVs didn't showcase this issue so we are hopeful that this has been remedied for 2010. See our review of the 2009 750 series LCD.

This LCD is 3D ready like all of the LED line up, Samsung's proprietary 3D enabled system allows compatibility with multiple 3D formats to provide access to 3D content from many sources. As we note often, the TV will obviously perform regular two dimensional duties, but is enabled for 3D should you introduce some 3D content. We viewed DirecTV 3D enabled content on this series. We noticed some eye straining when the picture changed scenes or programming. We believe this was due more to the content than the TV.

Samsung is expanding their Internet@TV service to add streaming content from Blockbuster, Netflix USA Today and VUDU video on demand as well as access to services such as Twitter, Picasa, AccuWeather, Pandora and more through the built-in ethernet connection.

-Phil Conner

Review Highlights

Samsung LN46C750 Review
This is not HD. It's a beautifully unconverted shot from the a 480i DVD of Jaws.

Calibration: The Samsung LN46C750 was extremely easy to calibrate picture settings. In fact, from the movie mode setting, there were only minor tweaks needed here and there to close in on D6500K. There is an ample array of calibration controls including white balance and noise reduction. The standard setting continues to have a major blue push. The Movie setting allows adjustment of all picture setting options and brings the picture to life. One should avoid the Dynamic picture mode setting on this TV.

Picture Settings
Picture Mode: Movie
Color Temp: Warm 2
Brightness: 47
Contrast: 95
Color: 49
Tint: G49/R51
Sharpness: 0
Backlight: 7
Gamma: -1
Flesh Tone: 0
Digital NR: Auto
HDMI Black Level: Low
Auto Motion: Standard
For complete picture settings, see the LN46C750 Calibration Page

The CFL backlight on this TV is very strong and provides plenty of brightness. It's relatively easy to adjust the backlight for varying room conditions. By using the Movie setting, you are essentially deactivating the inbuilt new Eco Sensor feature. So we feel it's better to adjust the backlight on your own via the 20 point scale. This LCD TV has a tremendous CFL backlight. We needed only set the backlight at 7 from the 1 – 20 scale to achieve a desirable picture in a darkly lit room.

Processor Testing: The internal processing chip sets for the C750 series LCDs are very good. One of the first things we noticed during testing was hose crisp and clean edges were without adding unwanted edge enhancement artifacts. The Sharpness control should be kept low between 10 and 20. Using it at a higher level with produce nasty edge glow artifacts.

3D TV Viewing: We were able to view this TV with DirecTV 3D content at CES 2010 in a special viewing area using the provided 3D glasses. We noticed a strong eye strain when the scenes changed from frame to frame. The DirecTV content was not smooth or enjoyable to watch. As we have pointed out in many articles, the viewer will not see 1080p HD through both eyes in LCD TVs due to limitations in Hz the rate. I do not think this had anything to do with the eye strain we encountered. We believe that resulted from the rough up programming shown in a hurry at CES.

Up conversion from 480i and 480p: In the past we have harped on the importance of the AutoMotion Plus 240Hz or 120Hz technology contained in this and most all of Samsung's LCD and LED TV offerings. The importance of the performance of this feature past and present cannot be overstated. In the 2009 series B750 series we recommended turning off the 240Hz feature for all but sports programming due to the unpleasant side effects produced when the feature eliminates the natural background blur of the picture. We believe the feature is much better this year albeit still intrusive for some viewing. Our recommendation is to follow a Custom setting for this feature of Motion Blur 10 and Judder Reduction 2 when viewing 480i DVD and normal non-HD broadcast content. This will eliminate a lot of motion blur while not introducing an artificial looking picture which reminds you of a soap opera. See our instruction below under the Features section about how to get to this feature setting.

Samsung LN46C750 Review
Contrast, color, and dark shadow detail; this shot from the HD Blu Ray version of Master and Commander.

720p/1080i/1080p Picture Quality: Black levels and contrast are very pronounced on this TV. Images are crisp and the detail is amazing with HD sources. The big decision is whether or not to engage the 240Hz Automotion feature or leave it off. It does introduce some unrealistic effects. My recommendation is to either leave it off entirely (except for sports programming) and get used to some judder and motion blur, or use the custom setting mentioned above.

Black Level/Contrast/Contrast Ratio: Black Levels on the C750 series LCD 3D TV is super saturated, as black as the glossy black bezel surrounding the screen. We believe contrast is also enhanced by the Ultra Clear Panel that Samsung uses for this LCD TV. Contrast is very impressive on this TV even compared to plasma TVs.

Internet Options: There is an array of Internet options, some proprietary. Samsung has increased the options. The Youtube option was pretty good. We found the Yahoo! Widgets in finance and weather weak and non-worthy. Some other options are Panadora, Vudu, Blockbuster, Netflix, USA today AP new ticker. The Netflix or Blockbuster options should be very useful.

Eco Sensor: This is a kitchy environmentally friendly sales pitch feature that you need not worry about if you follow our listed picture settings. We have the backlight set at only 7 out of a possible 20. This is the primary energy saver.

Aesthetic Considerations: The 46C750 LCD has attractive looks and includes the new chrome quadrapod silver metal stand. The TV can swivel on the stand about 20 degrees. The depth is a wall montable 3.2". The framing bezel is a nice width about 2". It's black with a plexiglass overlay that goes just past the edges to give the appearance of glass. I like the effect of this 2010 plexiglass overlay addition. There is not Touch of Color in this TV. Under the center bottom frame there is a unique wide V shape and subtle silver gray and red Touch of Color.

The LN46C750 has a lot to offer: A great picture with a time tested technology (CFL LCD), excellent black levels and side angle viewing, combined with the updated swivel stand, plenty of volume and some impressive Internet options. At $1529 you are paying a little upcharge to future proof for 3D compatibility and 240Hz, but at least not LED backlighting. This will be about the most competitive 3D compatible offering in the marketplace as well as the only 3D compatible CFL LCD TV.

Specifications & Features

3D Capability

Nothing is hotter this year than 3D TV, Samsung's 3D capable TVs will not only work with 3D enabled content, the Auto Conversion System will display 2D content in 3D.

Internet Connectivity

Your TV isn't just for TV and movies any more. Connect directly to the internet for real time news, weather, sports scores, stock quotes and more. Watch video on demand, view photos on Flickr, watch content from YouTube all at the touch of a button. The TV picture even scales when using the sidebar so your programming will be uninterrupted while you view content.

USB 2.0 Movie

Play your videos, show your photos and listen to digital music on your TV with USB 2.0 Movie. Connect digital cameras, MP3 players and USB thumb drives directly to your TV for easy and convenient access to your content.

Content Library

Download movies, games, and more with hours of built in features and downloadable content providing seemingly endless entertainment.


Key Features

  • 46" Screen
  • 1080p
  • 240Hz Automotion Plus
  • Touch of Color Bezel
  • 3D enabled
  • Auto-Conversion System displays 2D images in 3D
  • 4 HDMI Inputs
  • 2 USB ports
  • Ethernet Port
  • Energy Star 4.0
  • Internet@TV
    • Samsung Apps
    • Blockbuster
    • Netflix
    • AccuWeather
    • Pandora
    • Picasa
    • Twitter
    • USA Today
    • And More



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