What's the Difference between the Panasonic TC-P50ST30 and the TC-P50GT30 series plasmas?

by Jack Burden, senior reviewer

The Panasonic TC-P50GT30 and Panasonic TC-P50ST30
The GT30 (top) and ST30
look very similar

At first glance it would appear that there is not much difference between the 50ST30 and the higher priced 50GT30 series plasma TVs from Panasonic. The stated differences are 2.3" depth for the 50GT30 and 2.8" depth for the 50ST30. If tight wall mounting is especially important to you then the 50GT30 may be more appealing with 4 HDMI inputs that connect through a side input rather than inputs that stick out the back of the TV. The 50ST30 has 1 HDMI side input and 3 that stick out the back of the TV. There is also one more USB input on the 50GT30.

Neither TV has any 3D eyewear included so that's not an issue. Both screens contain Panasonic's newest Infinite Black 2 panel. Both have DLNA connectivity and Wifi connectivity.

So, what is the big difference and reason for the $250 price premium for the 50GT30. From what we can find, that premium price is going to fund the THX certification fee. The 50GT30 is THX certified for 2D and 3D programming and the 50ST30 is not. That also gives you an extra picture mode setting or two to choose from but you will not need that anyway if you follow our professionally calibrated picture settings. That's about the sum of the difference. We now need to upgrade the Value rating on the ST30 and possibly downgrade the GT30.


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