Proper Calibration is Key to the Panasonic TC-P50ST30 series plasma TV Picture Performance

by Robert Wiley, editor

Calibrated picture settings make an enormous difference on the ST30I have never seen a group of plasma TVs or any TVs for that matter that depended so much upon proper calibration than this years Panasonic bunch. We've finally discovered the reason. The government. Yes, the government is requiring all TV manufacturers to post an energy rating sticker on all TVs stating their average cost per year. We disagree with this requirement as it causes TV manufacturers to purposely compete on how the TVs perform energy-wise and not picture performance-wise.

The savings to you the consumer on a 50" plasma TV is an estimated $10 per year if you use the lowest energy settings. Panasonic's Standard picture setting mode for example is so dim and the colors so dull, you will likely be buying glasses in no time to make up the difference. Luckily, Panasonic's TCP50ST30 gives you plenty of room to play with the 10-point white balance controls to increase color saturation enough to make the picture pop. And if you follow our settings, boy does it pop. Now, this may cost you. It may cost you $10 per year extra in energy bills. It may also reduce the life of the phosphors in the TV - decreasing your TVs life by a couple of years. But at 100,000 hours stated life span, something else will go wrong with the TV far before you wear out the phosphors. Lastly, you will avoid or delay having to purchase prescription eyewear - which is where the real savings are...


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