Panasonic TC-P50ST30 User Reviews

Great TV with excellent picture (Fixed Fluctuating Brightness) by Christopher R.

I have owned this TC-P50ST30 for a just over 2 months now. Bought from Amazon, it arrived quickly and in perfect condition and the delivery driver helped me bring it inside and helped me open it to make sure it was ok before signing for it. The TV is used for typical family content (movies, TV, & sports) from DirecTV HD-DVR and blu-ray playter, and has ~500hours on it.

While the finish of the bezel is not anywhere near as elegant as my TC-P65VT30 it is more than adequate, if a bit understated. The TV is thin and looks great mounted on the wall. Again, at this price point, for a plasma with great picture quality that supports 3D... this set is a bargain, and the looks are just fine. I would have preferred a metal bezel, but there is nothing that sticks out as bad with the looks of this thing.

I had no problem adjusting this TV to get a great resulting picture. I couldn't believe how great the picture quality was on this TV from day one, especially considering it came at such a great price point. With tuned in settings the colors are deep and rich but not over saturated, the blacks and shadow detail were tremendous, and the 3D looked amazing. My family and I enjoyed this TV with none of the problems that others have complained about (green "blobs", buzzing, IR/Burn-in, fluctuating brightness) for the first 450 or so hours. Then, as if someone flipped a switch... smack, here comes the fluctuating brightness. I started to notice it on several older movies, and thought that it was just because the content was older. As the days went it on it got worse and starting presenting itself on more and more content, including movies that we had watched before with no problems. At this point it is now hard to watch a movie or TV show that has any kind of quick scene change from a dark scene to a brighter scene because of these fluctuations. If they happened gradually it would be fine and would not be noticed, or if they happened immediately at the scene change it would be fine as well. As it is, when the scene changes as described above, there is a brightness shift approximately half a second afterwards.

I've watched the same content on an LCD that I have in my bedroom, from the same source and do not see these fluctuations. I have also watched this same content, from the same source, on my TC-P65VT30 and do not see these fluctuations. There is clearly something wrong this set, however from reading others experiences.. Panasonic is claiming that this is normal and within spec, and is a design "feature". Really? I have a call in to Panasonic now, and am waiting to hear back. It is a shame because this TV was such a great deal and looked so great at the start, in fact it still looks great.. but it is hard to watch and enjoy it with these problems.

Great TV for Good Price

I purchased this TV March 2nd. Yes, I was one of the first to get it in my area. Anyway, I waited this long to write a review because I wanted to make sure that this thing did not crap out on me. So far it has been excellent. I reduced the brightness and contrast to around 40 just to break-in the set. the picture quality is amazing. This is my first hdtv, moved from a 22" crt to this one. Everything worked OOTB including wireless and DLNA from my iOmega NAS. Only issue I have is, it does not do audio for converted/ripped mp4 files. Regular mp4 and mpeg2 files are fine. Not tested 3d, not interested either. I did use some settings recommended by D Nice and Chad in their reviews of this set. I had the floating brightness issue, while watching skiing. I had to turn off the CATS and reduce contrast and brightness. I don't see it anymore. It was shocking at first. Now that I don't see it anymore I don't think about it either. the set has slight buzzing that you can only hear when you go behind the TV to listen to it. In other words, nothing to worry about. there is no way to record a program to the sd card in the slot. It is read only for the TV. Would have been nice if you could also record to it. Sound is, well, the same old story. For the price, I don't expect a built-in bose system !! All in all a great set so far. I hope this one lasts like my CRT.

Great TV by Marylynne D.

I bought this tv to replace the TCP42G25 when I decided 42 was too small for football. They seem comparable to me, except that this one doesn't have THX as a picture mode which does make movies look awesome. On the plus side, the wireless adaptor came with this one was advertised as purchased separately and it does have the DLNA networking capability to more intuitively connect libraries from multiple computers to the tv. Speakers are better than the G25, and there appear to be more widgets as well, but I havent updated software on the g25. All in all, Im very happy with it.

Excellet Buy for the Money by Buffy

Excellent tv for the money. I would recommend having the display calibrated, or at least using a home setup BD to get best picture quality.

3D is very good with minimal ghosting. I have viewed multiple 3d blurays and was impressed with the effect.

I also use this TV with my xbox 360 and PS3. Gaming is excellent. I have not noticed any significant lag. 3d gaming also works well.


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