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Samsung issues remote control redemption voucher for the UN55D7000 LED-LCD TV

by Phil Conner

One of the best features which we have written about extensively for the UND8000 series LED and PND8000 series plasma is the excellent little two sided QWERTY remote control. Now this remote control is also available for the UN55D7000 series LED TV (and also the 46", 60" sizes). Do not let this opportunity slip by you. This remote control is a good solid $200 value, but it does not come included in the box with the TV. Instead, there is a redemption voucher included that must be filled out and mailed in. Do so immediately upon purchase of this TV.

Samsung is offering a remote redemption voucher with the D7000 LED TV

Why the more expensive version QWERTY remote control is not included in the box is a bit of a mystery. The Samsung line is that the production schedule of the remote control was not in time for the TV rollout. But certainly it must be now, right? One feature the UN55D7000 does not contain that the top end D8000 has is a full web browser for which this remote control is extremely useful. Perhaps Samsung thought this remote control was not really needed for this TV.

Whether or not owners of this TV are required to send in the included standard remote is not clear to us. The UN55D7000 does come with a standard backlit very nice remote control complete with a Smart Hub key for quick Internet access.

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