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Majority of Gamers not Interested in 3D Consoles

by Jack Burden

Game comparison website recently conducted a survey of 1001 gamers regarding gaming on a 3D TV. Sony and Nintendo have thrown a lot of weight behind 3D gaming and rumors are that the next generation XBox will also be 3D ready.

51% of the gamers surveyed said they would not be interested in a 3D console while 47% said the opposite. 22% felt that 3D would impair the game experience.

With the growing install base of 3D TVs the major console manufacturers have been pushing 3D gaming. Sony's Playstation 3 supports stereoscopic 3D when it is connected to a 3D TV and many top titles have included 3D support as an option in their releases. Nintendo went the "glasses-free" 3D route with it's 3DS handheld.

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