LG 55LW6500 Review

Model: LG 55LW6500
Description: 55" LED backlit LCD TV with Passive 3D and 120Hz Processing
Includes: Swivel table top stand, 4 pairs of Passive 3D Glasses, Built-In Wifi, Breakout cables for component and composite inputs.
Reviewers: Jack Burden
Date: Summer 2011

LG 55LW6500 Review
This HD shot shows bright colors and clarity on the LW6500


The LW6500 series are LED backlit LCD screens. The panel is made using LG's FPR (Film-type Patterned Retarder) panel that is said to better focus the separate images being fed to the left and right eye. Passive 3D technology means the LW6500's uses polarized 3D glasses rather than the active shutter glasses used most 2010 3D TVs. These passive glasses require no batteries, weigh less and are far less expensive compared to their active counterparts.

HD Picture Quality: 8.5/10

LG is touting their new FPR panel as the first to 3D panel receive a "Flicker Free Certification" from Intertek and TÜV. The 55LW6500 has another feature called "3D Light Boost" that uses a thin film over the panel to boost the brightness of 3D images. This is intended the counter the darkening effect of wearing 3D glasses to watch TV. From our viewing, this did indeed help present a better 3D image than the passive models without the light boost. Other notable picture features are Full HD 3D 1080p resolution, 240Hz Smooth Motion processing, LED local dimming and 2D to 3D conversion. We did note a big improvement when viewing the local dimming feature. This is edge-lit local dimming as opposed to the more impressive full array local dimming backlighting. LG televisions have expansive calibration and white balance controls that allow you to fine tune the picture to near perfect D6500K color temperature. There is also an intelligent sensor which adjusts room light. The TV needs to be set to Auto View mode, for it to work at its maximum level, however we don't recommend it due to some slightly noticeable change in lighting on the TV. It can be just a little distracting.

As noted above black levels and side viewing angles are very good for an LED-LCD TV. Colors are rich but not oversaturated.

LG 55LW6500 Review
A vibrant shot from the 3D Blu Ray, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs shows rich colors clarity

3D TV Viewing: One of the great things about this TV is that it comes with 4 sets of passive 3D glasses (LGAG-P110) in the box. Colors and animation are vivid and of course, there is no flashing or flicker from the passive glasses to distract the viewer. The only drawback was some blurring in the bottom right and left corners of the screen. The 2D to 3D conversion feature is like most, not really good enough to want to use it.

TruMotion Adjustment: To find the feature press the Home key to go to the menu, scroll down to the Setup option and press. Once in the Setup options menu click on the picture settings menu and scroll all the way down to the bottom of that menu. The TruMotion setting is located there. After much testing, we preferred the User setting with Judder Reduction completely off at 0, and Motion Blur at level 9 with the exception of sports programming for which the features actually adds quality. With that done we will report up front that judder is noticeable and persistent especially in scenes with side to side panning. But it's worth the trade as the judder reduction option eliminates natural background blur in film based programming and causes a "soap opera" effect.

Standard Definition Picture Quality: 8/10

We recommend using the Standard picture setting on the TV for standard definition programming which lifts contrast and color information and introduces too much blue. Changing the Color Temp setting to W8 resolves the blue push. There was some slight contouring and mapping of color information from the onboard video processors but overall SD picture performance was pretty solid.

LG 55LW6500 Review
A shot from the NBA Finals shows good detail and black levels even in shadow areas

Features Rating: 8.5/10

LG 55LW6500 Review
A You Tube video through the LW6500's Internet options

Internet Options through Built-In Wifi: LG NetCast Internet Connected Internet Feature Options: There are a few Internet options that appear to have been dropped from last years offering including Yahoo! Widgets and Skype. But other options have been expanded from the premium services Netflix, Youtube, VUDU, AP, Google Maps, Cinema Now, NBA, Facebook, and Twitter. There are around 20 premium services in all. Divided into 4 sections getting to content is quick and easy for users, pick from TV Live, Premium Content, Internet Apps or the Launch Bar and be watching online content faster than you could on past models There are currently 49 Apps in the LG Internet Apps store – not nearly as many as some competitors but the list is growing. A few we noticed include Yoga trainer, Horoscope, H&M Fashion, Color Blind, and a Paint App. It appears LG is concertedly playing catchup in this area and doing a reasonably good job. You can also access the Picture menu options when using the Netcast SmartTV hub.

LG 55LW6500 Review
The Internet TV lineup (Netcast SmartTV) for LG's LW6500
LG 55LW6500 Review
LG Apps choices in the Netcast/SmartTV suite

TruMotion 240Hz: Use with Caution should be the note included in the owners manual for this feature. At least turn the judder reduction control off for film based material.

Appearance: The slim LW6500 has a slim black bezel and a thin clear acrylic edge. The inlcuded stand has a clear neck and a slightly rounded top for a sleek, modern look.

LG 55LW6500 Review

There is an upgraded Picture Wizard II in the LW5700 which allows for basic calibration tools to allow users to adjust the 5 basic settings depending upon ambient room light. It's an interesting and somewhat useful feature that we have not encountered elsewhere.

Inputs: 4 HDMI inputs and USB 2.0 access, 2 component, 2 Composite, Ethernet, and a 15 pin D-sub computer input rounds out an ample offering. There are included breakout cables for one set of component and composite inputs.

LG 55LW6500 Review
Included breakout cable connections for Composite and Component Video

Remote Control/Menu Functionality: The "normal" remote control that comes with the LW5700 series is black gloss and has a very nice design with a slight bubble slope to allow for one handed use of many functions. It is well laid out and easy to use. The menu has large understandable graphics that make the LW5700 enjoyable and easy to navigate. There are special keys on the remote control for Internet Widgets, and Premium Internet Services. The Q. menu key helps with quick toggling for major controls such as picture modes. There is also a new Energy Saving button on the remote in the event you would like the TV to go to an auto dimming mode.

One of my favorite features for 2011 from all manufacturers is the fantastic Magic Wand Remote Control which this TV includes. Not only is it super cool, it is functional and practical and I prefer using it to even the very complete full remote that also comes with the LW6500. The styling is minimalistic and slim, narrowing toward the end like a pointer. It's main function is assisting in navigating the Internet options available on the TV, however where it can also save tons of time is typing on the full browser search function. It's a great little invention no doubt modeled after the Nintendo Wii mote.

LG 55LW6500 Review
The LW6500 comes with two remotes – one being the excellent and fun Magic Wand Remote Controller

Audio Output: The LW6500 series sound system leaves a lot to be desired in the sound quality department – same as most very thin LED-LCD TVs on the market. The 15W X 15W speakers do a very average job and come across dim and shallow at times.

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