LG 84LM9600 Review; 4K 84 inch TV UHD 3D TV

UHD (Ultra High Definition) Immersive 3D


Picture Quality

When viewing this TV we viewed primarily fairly static content and could not tell how it would perform with motion. But the picture looked great and 4K resolution provides an almost present appearance meaning it looks like people or things are really there in front of you. The 8K demonstration from Sharp was even more pronounced.

Up-conversion is the major challenge. It takes a lot of processing to take a 1080i signal or a 1080p signal and up-convert it all the way to 4K. That's 400 percent in the case of 1080p. But it can be done and we saw it. For reference the Sony BDP-S790 has up-conversion capability and costs only $248 so would be a great fit for this TV.


LG as with their other TVs in 2012 has not overlooked the importance of sound quality even though almost all early adaptors that buy this TV will have their own. The LG 84LM9600 contains a 2.2 Speaker system with 2 10 watt speaker and two 15 watt subwoofers.

LG's Smart TV is included with the new 3D world free 3D platform. See our LG Smart TV Review for full information about how the suite performs.

LG is keen to call this TV the LG UD 3D TV – they do not want to leave out their Passive Cinema 3D features in emphasis. Following is their own description of all the 3D related benefits of the LM9600, “Bringing this exciting new experience to the 3D entertainment arena, LG has equipped its UD 3D TV with CINEMA 3D technology to ensure the impressively large display provides the most immersive viewing experience possible. 3D Depth Control allows viewers to fine-tune the "distance" between near and far objects on the screen for a custom 3D experience. The 3D Sound Zooming feature then analyzes the on-screen objects to generate sound according to their location and movement.”

Bang for the Buck

It's hard to imagine spending $22,000 for a TV these days. You can get a 70 inch Sharp LED TV for a little over $2,000. That's a 10th the price! But anyway we'll wait to rate the Value of this 4K offering until later.

The TV will be on display at CEDIA 2012.

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