4K UHD TV Reviews; 3D 4K Televisions Ratings and Reviews

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Below are the most recent entries into the 4K TV arena. Thus far Sony and LG have been the first to announce entering the market. With lines of resolution of over 8 million 4K TV technology has promise as being one of the most dynamic TV technologies of the future. See our comparisons with OLED TVs, see the links below for articles related to how 3D 4K Televisions differ from other TV technologies.

Sony XBR-65X900A 3D 4K UHD TV


Sony XBR-55X900B Review 55 inch 4K TV
I'll go as far as saying it's probably the best LED TV if you ignore side angle viewing. We thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this TV and I was surprised how good the picture is after having seen it first at CES...Read More.

Samsung UN55HU9000 Review Curved 55 inch 4K TV
The powerful LEDs really give the HU9000 a step up in terms of black levels and peak whites. The 55HU9000 has best in class color and contrast...Read More.

Samsung UN65HU8550 Review 65 inch 4K TV
The clear coat, rich black screen and the high quality edge lighting LEDs allow for colors to pop and give a real sense of depth when viewing HD quality source material...Read More.

LG 65UB9500 Review 65 inch 4K TV
The UB9500 series packs the same picture quality into a different form factor. These new models feature LG LED Plus edge lighting with Local Dimming, Ultra IPS panel technology for wider viewing angles...Read More.

Sony XBR-84X900A Review 84 inch 4K TV
Right on the heels of the LG 84LM9600 4K 84 inch TV introduction comes Sony with more of the same. The resolution is the same at (3840 x 2160) or 8,294,400 or 4K progressive or 4Kp whichever way you want to state it.....Read More.

Sony XBR-65X900A Review 84 inch 4K TV
In an attempt to bring the 4K TV experience to a broader audience some manufacturers like Sony are delivering the goods in smaller sizes. While this 65 inch 4K TV is certainly not small, the price is significantly reduced from the 84 inch introduction model.....Read More.

LG 84LM9600 Review; 4K 84 inch TV UHD 3D TV
The picture looked great and 4K resolution provides an almost present appearance meaning it looks like people or things are really there in front of you. LG as with their other TVs in 2012 has not overlooked the importance of sound quality even though almost all early adaptors that buy this TV will have... Read More.

Samsung 4K TV Review
UHDSamsung has announced it's first 4K TV entry will be shown at the CES 2013 show in Las Vegas. To try to outdo competitors, Samsung is entering the field with an 85 inch...Read More.


High Definition (HD) TV 1080p vs. Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV 4320p
UHDSeveral manufacturers are pushing the ultra definition UHD TV resolutions for this year. Whether or not these will just be prototypes or the televisions and displays will come to market remains to be seen...Read More.

4K TV Resolution; What is UHD 4K TV Resolution?
UHDDifference between 4K and UHD = Nothing. Both terms are being used by manufacturers and the industry to denote the 4 times higher resolution TV technology. They are interchangeable terms....Read More.

OLED TV vs. 4K TV; Which is better? 10-point Test
UHDBoth technologies are outrageously expensive as 4K TVs enter the market for the first time, and OLED Televisions enter in the large size arena...Read More.

4K TV Prices
UHDOne thing is for sure. The new 4K TVs hitting the market today are not going to be cheap. They will certainly be sold as luxury market items to the rich and famous...Read More.

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