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3D HDTV Qualifies for the World Cup

Once every 4 years the world gathers to watch elite soccer teams from 32 nations compete in one of the largest sporting events on the planet. In past years the only way to see the games in more than 2 dimensions was to buy a ticket a be in the stadium, this year it's different.

ESPN will be broadcasting the 2010 World Cup games in high definition 3D. You'll need a 3D capable TV, 3D Glasses and a provider that offers ESPN's 3D channel.

This isn't ESPN's first foray into 3D sports programming, they had previously done a 2009 USC vs. Ohio State football (the American kind) game that was viewable in 3D in select theaters and on campus. They also broadcast a Harlem Globetrotters game and some 3D coverage of The Masters golf tournament.

Reports are the coverage isn't perfect, especially in wide angle shots but in close ups and sideline shots the effect really stands out. 3D viewers also get different commentary than the 2D channel. Thankfully the vuvuzelas aren't in 3D.

With their own 3D channel you can expect to see many more high profile sporting events in 3D as the technology takes hold in more and more homes.

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