Top Recommended 3D TVs

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Below are the best 3D TVs as recommended by our editors at CEAG. We have reviewed these 3D TVs picture quality, features offerings, and value to price comparison and come up with this list. This list does not take into account best sellers in the marketplace but instead our top reviewed models taking as many variable qualities into account as possible. We even consider how well the accompanying 3D glasses work and how much they cost or whether they come with the TV. This list changes frequently so check back regularly!

3D TVs for 2016/2017

LG OLED55C6P and OLED65C6P     
Editor's Choice: Quality
3D Plasma TV

Fewer manufacturers are producing 3D TVs these days. But this LG OLED TV is one of the best TVs in the market for both 3D viewing and overall picture quality performance for this year.

Sony XBR55X930D and XBR65X930D     
Editor's Choice: Quality
3D Plasma TV

Sony's top of the line 4K LED TV has active 3D capability and displays it beautifully. How does the Sony X930C compare with an LG 4K OLED TV? We love OLED technology, so for a 4K UHD signal we give the edge to the LG OLED. But we believe Sony has the best processing and outer panel of the 4K TVs, so for 1080p and lower signals we believe this TV outperforms the LG 4K OLED.

3D TVs for 2013

Panasonic TC-P55VT60     Editor's Choice: Quality
3D Plasma TV

One of the greatest characteristics of the picture performance of the VT60 series TV once calibrated is the exceptional deep rich black levels produced by the Infinite Black Ultra Panel. This panel is actually comprised of the Infinite Black Pro Panel with the Ultra Filter

Samsung PN60F8500     Editor's Choice: Quality
3D Plasma TV

Samsung's excellent 3D glasses are back this year with slightly more rounded edges but are just as light and comfortable. 3D viewing is almost flawless. The only issue is when there is a bright front-facing light source around the TV like a window.

Samsung UN50F6400     Editor's Choice: Price

3D playback is the big step up the F6400 has over the F6300. The UN50F6400 utilizes active 3D technology to display 3D images. This method of displaying 3D images is usually preferred over passive due to the higher levels of detail and better sense of depth in the picture.

LG 55LA7400     

LG's Passive 3D is growing on me even more. I think it's about as good if not equivalent to active 3D now. The numbers work better for active (1080p to each eye) but when I view the 3D content I cant really tell the difference and the glasses are cheap, comfortable, and light.

Panasonic TC-60ST60     Editor's Choice: Value
3D Plasma TV

What you notice immediately about the 60ST60 compared to LED 3D TVs is that the 3D picture is much darker and this takes away somewhat from the 3D quality – whether caused by the glasses or the image. Side-viewing angles with 3D images are perfect on the ST60. The glasses are larger and uglier than some but light and comfortable nonetheless.

LG 55GA6400     Editor's Choice: Value

The 55 inch GA6400 is the second largest model in LG's mid-teir Google TV seires. It has the standard Smart TV feature set that is included in most of LG's TVs and Google TV as well. Those two things alone mean it is a feature packed television. Google TV means it will play a little nicer with the internet, as well has having a wider choice of apps.

Panasonic TC-P55ET60     

The ET60 series uses passive 3D, unlike Panasonic's plasma counterparts. There was a surprising amount of depth to the images, but it had a fair amount of judder in movement. This where the Motion Picture Settings come in handy. Set it to mid or weak, and the judder is gone without causing and unnatural look. As usual no flicker is present with passive 3D.

Vizio M551d     
3D Smart LED TV

The M551d uses Vizio's Theater 3D. This is the passive 3D method for displaying 3D content. We have noticed better 3D picture quality on passive 3D TVs from LG, Vizio and Sony than the active variety. Plus it's less complicated, you get 4 pairs of glasses free, and extra pairs are cheap.

3D TVs for 2012

Panasonic TC-P55VT50     
3D Plasma TV

With the new touch pad remote control, all Internet functions "in the cloud" and one of the blackest blacks we have ever witnessed on a TV the Panasonic TCP55VT50 will even surprise you with its reasonable cost. It's the top of the line from Panasonic for 2012/early 2013. You cant beat the 3D image either. Comes with a couple pairs of active shutter glasses.

Samsung UN60ES7500 Review     
LED Edge Lit Active 3D TV

The UN60ES7500 gives you almost all of Samsung's top end features for 2012 including the controversial smart interaction features which include a camera mounted atop the TV which can read hand gestures, and obey some voice commands. The 3D viewing is exceptional, the framing bezel almost non-existent, and you cant use the dual core processing to see your Internet programming on one side of the screen and the TV programming on the other.

Panasonic TC-P60GT50 Review     
3D Plasma TV

Another great offering from Panasonic the TC-P60GT50 ranks just below the VT50 in the 2012 lineup. It has the Infinite Black Pro panel with the Infinite Black Ultra filter to provide the same deep, deep blacks. The new 3D Real Surround effects will surprise you as well - making the sound seem like it is emanating from the center of the screen and with better quality than last years models.

Panasonic TC-P50ST50     
3D Plasma TV

For the value-minded the TC-P50ST50 is hard to beat. You get a fantastic picture all the way around and fantastic 3D viewing with the active 3D glasses. Though the prices do not seem as compelling as last year, this will still be a great seller for 2012 in this fast-disappearing 50" size. Only plasma manufacturers are making it. A few other features - a built in web browser and built in Wifi.

Samsung PN60E6500 Review     
3D Plasma TV

If you want pure value for size and a great picture quality for darker controlled-lighting rooms, the PN60E6500 is hard to beat. Try less than $2000 for a 60" plasma 3D TV with great picture quality attributes. It includes the ALL Black Pure Filter that produces one of the best black levels for 2012 and causes colors to really pop. You will not be disappointed by the picture quality on this fantastic TV which also includes the full web browser and wifi built in.

Sony KDL-55HX850 Review     
LED Edge Lit LCD TV 3D

We're especially fond of the video engine processing in the highest end Sony TVs for 2012/2013 such as this KDL-55HX850. The engine is called the X-Reality Pro Engine and does a great job with eliminating motion blur in fast action scenes as well as providing stunning detail. Though the 55HX850 does not have true local dimming LED backlighting, it is dynamic to give some of the effects.

LG 55LM7600 Review     
LED Edge Lit Passive 3D TV

If you want a ultra-modern, updated looking TV with virtually no frame, great picture quality and loads of features including the new Magic Remote, full Internet built in Wifi and Web Browser then the LG 55LM7600 may be your choice. It also will not kill the budget at around $2000 for the 55" passive 3D. There is a unique 3D World selection of 3D documentaries included built in the TVs Smart TV selection. 6 pairs of passive 3D glasses are also included.

Samsung UN55ES8000 Review     
LED Edge Lit Active 3D TV

With Samsung LED TVs you might as well go all the way to the top. You only pay a few hundred dollars more for the very best and get all the fun features. The UN55ES8000 gives you the very best of Samsung's top end features for 2012 including the controversial smart interaction features which include a camera mounted atop the TV which can read hand gestures, and obey some voice commands. You get built in Wifi, built in Web Browsing. The 3D viewing is exceptional, the framing bezel almost non-existent, and you cant use the dual core processing to see your Internet programming on one side of the screen and the TV programming on the other.

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Top Recommended 3D TVs for 2011

LG 55LW9800 3D TV     
55" 3D LED TV

This is a mammoth and slightly expensive entry from LG. Not only does it have 3D compatibility (passive 3D like all LG LED TVs) but it will have some of the best 2D to 3D conversion in the marketplace due to the special light distribution system enabled by the Nano Full HD screen panel. This helps with 3D presentation and picture quality overall by finely sourcing and identifying how much light goes to each part of the screen. Basically, that's why they call it Nano - it's fine tuned. The TV does not come cheap at around $3350. We have not had a chance to review the TV yet but are looking forward to that opportunity as we did see it at CES 2011. Other upgrades include a super thin .8" panel depth and a bezel frame that's barely noticeable.

Sony XBR55HX929 3D TV     
55" 3D LED TV

Falling right in the middle price-wise is the Sony XBR55HX929 3D TV at around $2899. It has that new X-Reality Pro video engine and is one of the only TVs on the market to offer full array local dimming. This is a feature we really like about this TV and will only help with the Opticontrast and other technologies for the active shutter 3D viewing. The two chip processing engine in this TV is very powerful and you will definitely be engrossed with 2D much less 3D images. Other characteristics are that this TV is great with incoming light with its super high tech louvered screen technologies that absorbs light but does not reflect it. Sony also lists a 960Hz equivalent manipulated refresh rate - one of the only manufacturers to list this specification. It will do the best job with fast motion 3D content among the LED TV rivals.

Panasonic TC-P50ST30 3D TV     
50" 3D Plasma TV

The TC-P50ST30 3D Plasma was one of our highest rated products of 2011 and will continue to be produced until April 2012 when its replacement will appear. IT has the top Infinity Black panel that the higher end Panasonic offerings display but with a more budget minded price. All you sacrifice is some cosmetic upgrades and nominal features until you get to the VT30 series.

We were pretty crazy about the picture on this TV after the colors were ramped up through the 10 point white balance settings controls. They are some of the best we've seen on any 3D image. Out of the box the picture can appear dim so be sure to go through our calibration settings. Colors and everything becomes vibrant and pops once going through what might be considered a hassle to some or time well spent to others depending on whether you are a tech geek like us, or just hate having to mess with settings. See the Full TC-P50ST30 Review and Video Review

Samsung UN55D7000 3D TV     
55" 3D LED TV

The top LED 3D offering is the UN55D7000. This is the second tier model Samsung LED that has extreme brightness from its powerful backlight. This somewhat washes out the color and can cause a little light bleed and screen uniformity issues but we found the problem repaired easily by turning down the backlight to a more normal level. It's nice to have the option of ramping it up in the event the TV is going in a bright, sunlit room. The only feature that this TV lacks that the D8000 top end unit has is a full web browser. And the aesthetic appearance is a little more subdued on the D7000. Now this TV is for sale for around $2000 which is quite a bargain.

Samsung UN55D8000 3D TV     
55" 3D LED TV

As discussed with the above D7000 we would be remiss to not also include the UN55D8000 which has the full web browser and QWERTY keyboard remote and stunningly .25 width screen. Both come with the futuristic quadrapod stand. The 55D8000 is priced slightly higher at $2599. It is also active shutter 3D like the D7000 and typically comes with two pairs of glasses.

Samsung PN51D8000 3D TV     
50" 3D Plasma TV

Another great Samsung entry that we thoroughly enjoyed reviewing, the PN51D8000 is the top end plasma from Samsung for 2011 and continues until March 2012. It has a distinctly darker picture than its LED competitors from the same manufacturer but the picture quality is Oh so cinema-like and was our highest rated picture quality TV for this year. It's 3D imagery is very nice, rich and with great depth. This TV is best viewed in a darker room environment due to its limited peak white range. We would normally not rate so highly a product with a lower contrast ration but this TV's HD and SD picture quality is just out of this world realistic. Artistic directors will be thankful for TVs like this that do not blow up their intended imagery. For 3D the PN51D8000 uses active shutter glasses and is Full HD 3D, sending 1080 lines of vertical resolution to each eye. Some televisions sacrifice some resolution to show 3D images and Full 3D HD provides the best 3D experience.

Panasonic TC-P60GT30 3D TV     
55" 3D Plasma TV

Another excellent 3DTV from Panasonic is the TC-P60GT30 which combines that great post calibration picture quality with some excellent depth in the 3D department. I have to say that if I had to watch this TV with the Standard picture setting out the box I would not do it. The colors and and picture are lifeless. Luckily, Panasonic has allowed our reviewers to get in there and toggle those settings to make this picture sing. The GT30 has the same Infinite Pro Black panel as the ST30 listed above but a more updated cosmetic package. 3D quality while wearing the active shutter 3D glasses is excellent. We did not see the crosstalk we've seen in the past nor were any of the image edges blurry. The TV will continue until Spring 2012. See the review and video review of the GT30

Toshiba 47TL515U 3D Passive Television     
47" 3D LED TV

If you want something a little smaller and less expensive than the others on this list but still with a full feature set the Toshiba 47TL515U might be your TV. It has Toshiba's 240Hz clear scan feature for fast moving images which we found to work very well. The 3D picture is passive 3D meaning you only receive 540 lines of resolution to each eye but in our review of this TV we would not have known it by the eye. The depth and color are both very good. We did notice a good deal of jerky judder at times and the sound quality from the built in speakers was not a positive. However for around $1000 this is a good value contender for this size TV. Do you really need active 3D for this size TV. Not really in our opinion. Active might add a touch more depth than the TL515 contains, but the picture on this TV is very satisfying.

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