Step 9: 3D TV Calibration Picture Settings

How to set your 3D TV picture settings for perfect D6500K calibration

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We provide picture setting information on all of the TVs we have reviewed. If the TV you have purchased or plan to purchase happens to fall in this category then we suggest first going to the product page on this site for that particluar 3D TV and click on the calibration link. This section will give you our calibrations for perfect picture settings as the director of the film or program originally intended it to look. You can easily then just adjust the picture settings per our directions and then use the backlight setting in the TV picture menu to increase or decrease the backlight to adjust for lighting in your room.

If the calibrated picture settings for your 3D TV are not included on our site you can perform some simple calibrations that should help you by using a Digital Video Essentials DVD. This should take about 30 to 40 minutes to give you pretty adequate picture settings. We recommend starting from the closes possible picture setting to D6500K. This setting is usually called the Movie picture mode. Try starting from there and turning up the contrast and backlight slightly. If using the Standard setting, try turning down the contrast slightly and use the Warm or Warm 2 color temperature. Also turn down the edge enhancement by decreasing the Sharpness setting. 3D TVs usually have a strong blue push so the warm setting offsets this and "warms" the picture, allowing a more reddish natural tint. D6500K (the optimum setting) often looks slightly pinkish at first, but give it a little time and you will adjust to it.

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