Step 8: 3D TV Wall Mount and Table Stand Options

How to install a 3D Television

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Mounting a 3D TV to the wall has never been easier nor had more options than today. You can choose between the various options to wall mount the 3D Television with articulating ability (side to side and up and down adjustment), tilt wall mounting which allows vertical adjustment, or a simple flat wall mount. If placing the TV on a table top with the included table top stand, there are many good furniture companies today which manufacture products specifically for 3D TV placement. Following are some of the options available for mounting and installation of 3D TVs:

  • 3D TV Mounts3D TV Flat Wall Mounts enable the installer to place the TV closest to the wall while minimizing the amount of depth needed for the TV installation. This option is usually the most cost effective while minimizing depth.
  • 3D TV Tilt Wall Mounting these products give you the ability to place the TV at a slightly higher elevation in the room than you will be sitting. One very popular scenario for these mounts is above the fireplace. They allow you to tilt the 3D TV down, usually about 15 degrees.
  • Furniture Table Stands are another popular way to display 3D TVs. Manufacturer's like BDI and Bell O Getti make gorgeous furniture stands specifically for 3D TVs that emphasize the TV. 3D TVs will normally have an included table top stand that can be used to stabilize the TV on the piece of furniture. Many of these table stands also have the ability to swivel side to side as an added benefit.
  • 3D TV Mounts3D TV Articulating Wall Mounts are a great versatile options, but they do add to the depth of the TV mounting. Lately, some of these mounts are also manufactured with for use in flush mouting the TV thus keeping it very close to the wall until it is pulled out for tilting or swiveling. Pulled out, this mounting device allows you to turn the display 120° to either side and as much as 10° up or down. It allows maximum flexibility but does add quite a bit of depth (3” to 5”) to the wall mount and they are a good bit more expensive.
  • 3D TV Inbuilt Lifts These are those super cool and costly consoles that you have seen in magazines at the foot of the bed. The TV is hidden from view until the owner decides to remotely call the TV to action. The lift opens the piece of furniture holding the TV and up comes the TV into action. There are a variety of lift options also available such as motorized ceiling lifts, console lifts, motorized furniture lifts and hydrolic furniture lifts. Lift options allow the plasma or LCD TV to be hidden from view when not in use. Hydrolic lifts are manually operated and less expensive while motorized lifts can be operated using remote control.

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