Step 6: 3D TV Pricing

Are 3D TVs worth a higher price over an non 3-D ready Television?

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3D TV PricingAs of this writing 3D TVs are commanding a premium over TVs that do not contain 3D compatibility. Of course, it's nice to future proof your investment and know that you have 3D ready ability if needed or wanted in the future. Then the question becomes, is $400 too much to pay for this ability. Answer: It really depends on you and where the TV will be in the home and what it will be used for. If this is your #1 living room TV, it may make sense to go ahead and purchase the 3D TV since the whole family can enjoy a 3D TV movie. Same for a home theater situation. If the TV will be placed in a bedroom or kitchen or game room then it's probably not worth the extra investment.

We anticipate that at some time in the future the premium for 3D compatibility will come down somewhat. It's already available on one very cost effective and inexpensive LCD TV which has an excellent picture quality. The Samsung LN46C750 3D LCD TV. While one may not be able to see the 3D content in full HD with both eyes, the TV offers the option at a great price compared to many others. Plasma TVs will generally offer the best viewing experience with 3D TV due to the full HD ability.

That brings us to our next step. Step 7: LCD or LED 3D TV vs. Plasma 3D Television

A 12 Step Guide to Purchasing a 3D TV

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