Step 11: Best place to buy a 3D TV

Best prices and recommended 3D TV dealers

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To keep things simple we are including only those dealers with an onine presence. This will usually yield the best prices and many of these online retailers offer free shipping. No sales tax is another big benefit. We only recommend authorized Internet dealers for 3D TVs because 3D TVs are generally expensive and you need a good return policy. Authorized Internet Dealers will generally take care of you in this regard. Amazon, Vanns, One Call, Crutchfield and PC Richard and Sons are examples of good online authrized retailers with good competitive prices and often free shipping and no sales tax.

Many times brick and mortar retailers have similar prices but charge exhorbitant prices for the extended warranty, wall mounts, cables and must charge sales tax. Most online dealers are more reasonable on these extras. You may also consider checking online for 3rd party 3-D TV extended warranty companies that have excellent pricing and the same warranty service. They will sell the extended warranty no matter where you purchase the TV.

The online retailers we are recommending here also have long term positive experience with the freight and handling of 3D TVs. Normal freight times are very fast. They insure the shipments in case the TV is broken in shipping. If your TV arrives broken, you just refuse the shipment and they ship out a new one.

Of course, shopping online also gives you the added convenience of not having to go to the store and haul a very heavy 3D TV. Let them deliver it right to your door.

Recommended Resellers

A 12 Step Guide to Purchasing a 3D TV

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