Sony Release Ultimate Man-Cave Privacy Hogger 3D Viewer with Pricing

by Phil Conner

Sony Personal 3D Viewer
The Sony 3D Personal Viewer HMZ-T1

This 3D viewer is the ultimate man-cave privacy protector. Shut out annoying room noise, relatives, wives, girlfriends, and the TV going in the other room with this space alien design looking visor. Warn your significant other before they come home and find you wearing these crazy glasses as they might otherwise think that you are engaged in some weird Buddhist zen meditation, strange eye exercises or vivid 3D pornography. This could also be the perfect gift idea for the wife that wants to be able to get away for a couple of hours without her husband even realizing it...

Initially the Sony HMZ-T1 3D viewer is for sale only in Japan and in the UK. Amazingly the price in the UK is nearly $1280 U.S. Dollars equivalent while in the U.S. The unit is for sale for a more reasonable $799. The famous retailer Harrods is the only UK retailer currently selling the Sony Viewer – thus the crazy marked up price.


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