Top Recommended 58" - 65" 3D TVs

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Below is our recommended list of 3D in the 58" to 65" sizes for 2012. These recommendations are based on price, value, quality and specifications. We have also assigned Editors Choice designations to some models based on one or more of these ratings criteria.

3D TVs for 2013

Panasonic TC-P65VT60      Editor's Choice: Quality
65" 3D Plasma Television

It's feature laden with many of the top end VT50 features from last year such as the Infinite Black Ultra Panel, 3000 FFD focus field drive for fast motion display, upgraded built in side speakers, a slim attractive metal pedestal stand, and 2D to 3D conversion. Also, count the touch pad remote with voice interaction.

Samsung UN65F8000      Editor's Choice: Quality
65" 3D LED Television

The clear coat, rich black screen and the high quality edge lighting LEDs allow for colors to pop and give a real sense of depth when viewing HD quality source material. Light flow-through (areas of the on screen picture that show lights, or sunlight streaming into images) is the best of any TV you will find on the market.

Samsung UN65F7100     
65" 3D LED Television

The picture quality on the UN65F7100 is almost as excellent as the top tier F8000 series. The latter has a higher micro dimming rate, but this model still has that feature for increased contrast where needed. Side viewing angles look good with not much contrast degrading.

LG 60PH6700     
60" 3D Plasma Television

This is the only plasma TV in the 2013/2014 lineup that has a fully loaded feature set. The 60PH6700, only available in the 60 inch size, has all of the Smart TV features, 3D playback, voice controls, and the Magic Remote.

Panasonic TC-P65ST60      Editor's Choice: Value
65" 3D Plasma Television

Black levels, color, and 3D performance are the highlights of the 65ST50 as well as a Smart TV suite that competes with the best out there. It differs out from the models above it by losing the attractive glass and metal design.

LG 60LA6200      Editor's Choice: Price
60" 3D LED Television

A native 120Hz panel is included with the LA6200 and it does a sufficient job of reducing blur in fast motion images. Sometimes in the past the use of the 120Hz feature could be turned off or on to avoid elimination of background blur that caused some distorted images.

Vizio M651d      Editor's Choice: Value
65" 3D Smart LED Television

The overall 2D picture quality of this TV will depend a lot on the picture mode you select. Black levels are reasonably saturated, and the TV certainly has plenty of brightness in whites. Image edges are not as crisp as some of the better Sony TVs on the market (denoting strong video engine processing) but they were far from bad.

Sony XBR-65X900A     
65" 3D 4K LED Television

The 3D capability for the XBR-65X900A is a departure from Sony's normal active 3D technology. Looks like they are joining LG with passive 3D on this model. Sony is proven at this sort of technology and incorporates the 4K X-Reality PRO picture engine into the XBR-65X900A.

3D TVs for 2012

Panasonic TC-P65ST30      Editor's Choice: Value
65" 3D Plasma Television

This replacement for the G25 series from 2010 is the entry level 3D compatible plasma TV offering from Panasonic. It has the Inifinity Black 2 Panel, a Viera Image Viewer for photo and movie viewing through USB connection. It does not contain the Internet connectivity through Viera Connect, for those who want the 3D ready ability without the need for Internet connectivity this will be a compelling 3D Plasma TV offering.

Samsung PN64D8000     
64" 3D Plasma Television

The D8000 series represents the high end of Samsung's new "+1" plasmas, these new televisions all feature a 1 inch larger screen than last year and the TV is still the same size. More TV, less bezel, nice. Full HD 3D and Samsung's new Smart Hub online TV features are other highlights.

LG 60PZ950     
60" 3D Plasma Television

LG's new PZ950 series plasmas feature their 3D, TruBlack panel and offer improved internet connectivity with LG's new Smart TV feature. These models retain the beautiful, seamless glass "Infinia" design from 2010.

Samsung UN60D7000     
60" 3D LED Television

The D7000 LED looks a bit different than the D8000 and it lacks the web browser and QWERTY remote but it does contain most of the other feature of the top line models. We think the D7000 is an excellent compromise for the asking price.

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