Top Recommended 46" - 55" 3D TVs

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Below is our recommended list of 3D in the 42" and smaller sizes for 2012. These recommendations are based on price, value, quality and specifications. We have also assigned Editors Choice designations to some models based on one or more of these ratings criteria.

3D TVs for 2013


LG 47LA6200      Editor's Choice: Price
47" 3D Plasma Television

On the 47LA6200 viewing images from side angles is very impressive. The clear screen does allow for some glossy reflection but does a nice job from side angles even though there is still no comparison with plasma TVs. One of the primary problems with viewing angle issues is that the contrast and black levels degrade and get watered down.

Samsung UN46F6400      Editor's Choice: Price
46" 3D LED Television

The UN46F6400 fits into the very competitive 46 inch size class. The F6400 is a mid level TV with a few top tier features. 3D playback and micro dimming set it apart from the F6300 series below it. The inclusion of these features make it a very viable option since the F6800 includes these features, but goes a little further with design changes and refresh rates.

Panasonic TC-L50ET60     
50" 3D LED Television

The TC-L50ET60 is the 3rd from the top the 3D Panasonic LEDs. It is the only 50 inch TV to feature 3D functionality in the 2013/14 lineup from Panasonic. It's got a pretty similar feature set compared to the DT60 series above it except for the stand, Touchpad remote, and voice recognition. It does have strong passive 3D performance with two pairs of glasses included.

Samsung UN46F7100      Editor's Choice: Value
46" 3D LED Television

A 240Hz panel is a top top of the feature feature that adds a lot to the value on the F7100. Higher refresh rate specs like this one mean you get a great reduction in motion blur and judder from fast motion and side to side panning.

Vizio E551d      Editor's Choice: Value
55" 3D Smart LED Television

This entry level LED from Vizio features their Theater passive 3D playback over the other E551 models in the lineup. The Vizio Internet Apps are still available in full force, so there shouldn't be any worry about getting content on the screen. It's got a slim profile and thin bezels for a sleek look.

Samsung UN55F75000      Editor's Choice: Quality
55" 3D LED Television

Great picture but it does degrade from side viewing angles and is not as strong as the LA7400 3D picture. Changing the picture settings to Vivid and trying different combinations to improve the 3D picture saturation and depth proved fruitless as it created noticeable double images and glowing around figures.

Plasma TVs

Panasonic TC-P55VT60      Editor's Choice: Quality
55" 3D Plasma Television

The VT60 has one of the nicest presentations of 3D material on the market for 2013. There is little to no crosstalk. The VT60 is THX certified for both 2D and 3D programming. What I like most about this is the THX picture mode settings are much better than a couple years ago

Panasonic TC-P50ST60      Editor's Choice: Value
50" 3D Plasma Television

But after these adjustments you get a deep picture with lots of richness and certainly above average with no crosstalk or flicker from the glasses. Side-viewing angles with 3D images are perfect on the ST60. The glasses are larger and uglier than some but light and comfortable nonetheless.

Samsung PN51F5500      Editor's Choice: Value
51" 3D Plasma Television

The active 3D glasses Samsung offers are lightweight and comfortable. This is a plus considering that many active 3D glasses are bulky and hard to wear for an extended period of time. These glasses really enhance the over all experience.

Samsung PN51F8500      Editor's Choice: Quality
51" 3D Plasma Television

Samsung's excellent 3D glasses are back this year with slightly more rounded edges but are just as light and comfortable. 3D viewing is almost flawless. The only issue is when there is a bright front-facing light source around the TV like a window.

3D TVs for 2012

LG 50PM9700      Editor's Choice: Quality
50" 3D Plasma Television

This 50" plasma offering from LG has stunningly crisp colors and excellent blacks. Though they focus more attention to their LED TV offerings, LG is making very good plasma TVs. This one has active shutter 3D display and is LG's top tier 2012/early 2013 plasma.

Sony KDL55HX750     
55" 3D LED Television

The 2012 Sony HX750 series has edge lit LEDs that are dynamic in that they provide some local dimming effects. The Motionflow XR Hz rate is equivalent to 480Hz response rate or frame rate. The active shutter 3D on these new Sony's both this one and the HX850 is flawless.

LG 47LM6200      Editor's Choice: Price
47" 3D LED Television

This 47" LED backlit 3D TV has Smart TV features and the Magic remote. We've tested it thoroughly and it can be both trying and useful. 3D performance is by passive display and the set comes with 6 pairs of glasses.

Samsung UN55ES7500     
55" 3D LED Television

By going with the second tier model, you knock a little bit of the gloss off the price tag on these stunning 2012 Samsung LED TVs. This model still has the unique Smart Interaction feature and superb looks and 3D performance.

Samsung UN46ES6580      Editor's Choice: Value
46" 3D LED Television

For this 46" TV you get a good solid price point while still getting great active 3D performance, and some of the major upgrade features like micro dimming from the LED edge backlighting.

Panasonic TC-P55GT50      Editor's Choice: Quality
55" 3D Plasma Television

This plasma 3D model from Panasonic is one of the highest rated TVs we have reviewed in 2012 due to the Infinite Black Pro panel that has such ultra saturated blacks. This also creates a 3D picture that pops and Panasonic is dedicated to their 3D picture performance.

Samsung PN51E550      Editor's Choice: Budget
51" 3D Plasma Television

This 1080p 51" plasma TV has budget, value written all over it. The 3D is active and good but you will likely have to buy the glasses.

Panasonic TC-P50UT50      Editor's Choice: Budget
50" 3D Plasma Television

This is again a 1080p budget oriented plasma like the Samsung listed above and they are priced very similarly. The 3D is very good on both but you may get a little better brightness on this Panasonic with the proper calibrations.

2011 3D-tv 55" Models

Samsung PN51D7000      Editor's Choice: Quality
51" 3D Plasma Television

Samsung's D7000 line of plasmas features the new +1 screen sizes, 1" more screen in the same size TV. These 3D plasmas also feature Samsung's new Smart Hub Internet TV.

Samsung UN46D8000     
46" 3D LED Television

Samsung's D7000 line of plasmas features the new +1 screen sizes, 1" more screen in the same size TV. These 3D plasmas also feature Samsung's new Smart Hub Internet TV.

Panasonic TC-P50ST30      Editor's Choice: Value
50" 3D Plasma Television

This replacement for the G25 series from 2010 is the entry level 3D compatible plasma TV offering from Panasonic. It has the Inifinity Black 2 Panel, a Viera Image Viewer for photo and movie viewing through USB connection. It does not contain the Internet connectivity through Viera Connect, for those who want the 3D ready ability without the need for Internet connectivity this will be a compelling 3D Plasma TV offering.

Toshiba 55TL515U      Editor's Choice: Price
55" 3D Plasma Television

This line of passive 3D televisions features a 1080p, 120Hz panel, Toshiba's NetCast suite of online features and the new Cinespeed processor that we found quite impressive in our review of the TL515.

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