Top Recommended 42" and smaller 3D TVs

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Below is our recommended list of 3D in the 42" and smaller sizes for 2012. These recommendations are based on price, value, quality and specifications. We have also assigned Editors Choice designations to some models based on one or more of these ratings criteria.

3D TVs for 2013

LG 42LA6200     

LG's passive 3D has come a long way and it's really difficult to tell the difference between a good passive 3D TV and a good active one. I think there is more depth perception from some of the top end plasma TVs with active 3D, but that is probably splitting hairs. Several pair of passive 3D glasses come with the set and are inexpensive if you need more.

Samsung UN40F6400     

3D playback is one of the main upgrades the UN40F6400 has over the F6300. We don't see a lot of 40 inch TVs packing 3D into the feature set. So that makes this one a bit unique. Active 3D technology is the type of 3D found here.

Vizio E420d     

The E420d is one of the Razor LED TVs for Vizio. This means it has edge-lit LEDs as a backlighting source. This type of backlighting produce plenty of light to make for a bright screen with good contrast. It may not hold up in a competition against names like Sony and LG, but it's an incredible value for the money.

3D TVs for 2012

Panasonic TC-P42UT50      Editor's Choice: Value
42" 3D Plasma Television

This is one of the only 42" plasma TVs in the market for 2012. Pricing should be very good for the active 3D TV, but you will probably have to purchase some glasses.

Samsung PN43E450      Editor's Choice: Price
43" 3D Plasma Television

Though this 43" screen size plasma is only 720p, it still has active 3D and should give solid performance in darkly lit rooms. I would not recommend it for brightly lit rooms and realize it is strictly a recommendation on price.

Panasonic TC-L42ET5     
42" 3D LED Television

This 42" 3D TV from Panasonic has passive 3D viewing rather than the active shutter glasses that all other Panasonic TVs both plasma and LED have. This is an LED-LCD TV and the viewing angles are very good. With this size TV the passive 3D viewing is plenty sufficient.

LG 42LM6200      Editor's Choice: Value
42" 3D LED Television

This may be LG's best selling line of LED backlit LCD TVs for 2012. It has passive 3D viewing and is competitively priced. It does not have the .2" frame of the higher end models but does have the cool Magic remote. Smart TV features are also included.

LG 32LM6200     
32" 3D LED Television

This model is the same as the one above except in 32" and may be the only 32" 3D TV on the market in 2012.

Vizio M3D420SR      Editor's Choice: Quality
42" 3D LED Television

Despite their boasting, this 42" Vizio TV M3D420SR really does seem to have the goods with a QWERTY remote for web browsing, Smart TV, and 3D. It is not inexpensive though.

2011 3D-tv 40" Models

Panasonic TC-P42ST30      Editor's Choice: Value
42" 3D Plasma Television

Panasonic's 2010 success with 3D plasma televisions has spawned many more 3D choices for 2011, the ST30 series represents the entry level for Full HD 3D plasma. These televisions will give you quality 3D performance at an affordable price.

Toshiba 42TL515U     
42" Passive 3D LED Television

This line of passive 3D televisions features a 1080p, 120Hz panel, Toshiba's NetCast suite of online features and the new Cinespeed processor that we found quite impressive in our review of the TL515.

Toshiba 32TL515U      Editor's Choice: Price
32" Passive 3D LED Television

32" is a very rare size for 3D TVs but for those who need a small 3D TV, Toshiba provides the 32TL515U. The TL515 are a line of LED edge lit LCD TVs with passive 3D capability, Toshiba's NET TV Service and the new Cinespeed processor. They have a slim, attractive matte black bezel, include 2 pairs of 3D glasses and we were impressed with the capabilities of the passive 3D performance.

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