Panasonic Surprises CEAG Editors with Entry into LED Passive 3D Market in 2012

Why did Panasonic enter the Passive 3D TV Market?

by Phil Conner, contributor

Panasonic TC-L47ET5It seemed like Panasonic had cast their vote once and for all with Sony and Samsung for active shutter 3D compatibility. Every TV produced had the technology and these 3 manufacturers were quick to point out the excellent attributes of Active 3D technology in the face of LG, Vizio and others Passive 3D Televisions.

But something must have occurred to change Panasonic's collective mind. Even though all of their plasma televisions and all but one series of LED-LCD Televisions have active shutter 3D technology, there is a holdout. The Panasonic ET5 Series which is their 3rd tier model for 2012 has Passive 3D Viewing. Panasonic is dubbing the Passive 3D viewing Easy 3D - probably because it comes with passive 3D glasses - how many pairs we are still unsure about but 6 more than likely.

Panasonic is hedging their bets and siding with Passive 3D in this one series. Recently, we spoke with a couple of Panasonic Television department representatives that explained that they still feel Active 3D is better than Passive by a large margin due to the full 1080p HD resolution to each eye (passive 3D delivers half of that). We suspect that one of the reasons Panasonic has produced this technology is the slightly lower cost and price point they can offer this series at as well as the fact that they do not want to leave all the spoils in Passive 3D TVs to LG and Vizio.

The Panasonic ET5 series comes in many sizes so this was not a light hedge. Below is Panasonic's concise description of how the new ET5 series passive 3D series works:

"A polarizing film on the display surface displays the left and right images for each of the odd-numbered and even-numbered horizontal scanning lines. When viewed through polarizing eyewear, different images are shown to the left and right eyes, resulting in the perception of 3D images. This method reduces the vertical resolution to one-half, but it is an easy way to view 3D images using light, economical eyewear. Great for watching with a group of people."

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