LG 84" 3D UHD TV Largest in Market so Far for 2012 CES

UHD (Ultra High Definition) Immersive 3D, Picture Quality focuses

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LG 3D UHD TV CES 2012LG will stick with passive Cinema 3D in its new 84" offering which will be on display at CES 2012 which will keep the glasses very inexpensive for consumers. Consumers have been leaning toward larger TVs with less features and even without 3D capability as Sharp's sales of the super large LED LCD TVs has been strong throughout the year. "This TV is a projector screen replacement." states CEAG editor Robert Wiley. "An 84" screen is 182% larger than a 50" screen, so consumers will need a very large space for this TV. Before this 84" unit, Sharp had the larges LCD LED TV in the market at 80".

The 84" offering has 8 million pixels and comes with LG's Magic Remote control device which we rate very highly. Last year the remote was called the Magic Wand Remote Control and it allows a point and wave wand operation that is fast, efficient and actually pretty fun to use. It also speeds up web browsing and selection and search of the more than 1200 LG Internet Apps available. Voice recognition is a new feature on the remote control as well.

The 8 million pixels will not keep the cost down. This feature will be adding lots of increased cost to the TV, but should provide a great detailed picture albeit with lots of upconversion technology employed to match the increased pixel resolution.

This TV will also have LG's 2D to 3D conversion technology built in. The Magic remote has a button that allows instant conversion of 2D to 3 dimension display. We have not found this feature to be especially appealing in the past and we do not expect it to be a feature that makes a difference in which TV a consumer purchases in 2012 either.

We do not expect this UHD 3D TV to ship until late 2012 with a price exceeding $7000.

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