LG Drops Active Shutter 3D LED LCD TVs for 2011; Keeps Plasma Active 3D

Which 3D TV Manufacturers make active 3D and which Passive?

by Phil Conner

LG Passive 3D TVLG, a major manufacturer of 3D TVs, in a change of heart has decided to forego active 3D LED backed LCD TVs in favor of passive 3D displays. There are obvious advantages to both. 3D active shutter technology displays essentially double the resolution of 3D images that passive 3D does. Generally, 3D active shutter produces more depth in the 3D image. The active shutter 3D glasses however are expensive ($150 or more) while passive 3D glasses may be of the $3 variety. Some complain that active shutter 3D glasses can cause eye fatigue and thus headaches after extended viewing.

LG Passive 3D TVAt CES 2011 LG displayed several series such as the LW7700, LW9500, and LW9700 series that all purportedly displayed active shutter 3D technology. However, these models are all delayed and not arriving this spring as originally intended. Rather they will hopefully be shipped this summer and with passive 3D capability rather than active. The models were very impressive. They have a futuristic appearance which creates a strong desire to want to display one on your wall. The picture quality is also tremendous.

LG Passive 3D TVBut questions remain about why LG switched to passive from active for their premier 3D LED TVs. Was it because performance was poor? Was it a cost issue? We may not soon retrieve the answer. LG's PR firms have been stating that LG has received such great reception of it's LW6500 and LW5600 series passive 3D TVs that demand is the real reason behind the switch. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain – LG will not introduce an active shutter LED backed 3D TV for 2011. LG will continue to produce its 3D active shutter plasma line up for 2011 including the PZ950 and PX950 top end series.

Samsung, Sharp, Sony have strong active shutter 3D LED LCD lineups for 2011. Toshiba is producing both active and passive 3D LED LCDs. LG and Vizio are favoring passive 3D technology for all LED LCD TV offerings.

Toshiba also introduced glasses-free 3D TV displays at CES 2011. Though these have not entered the market in 2011, it will be interesting to see what kind of impact they have and which of these technologies takes market share. Let's also not forget those excellent plasma active 3D TVs which display the best 3D picture quality of all at present.

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