How Much Do 3D Glasses Cost?

Watching 3-D TV requires wearing a pair of 3D glasses, while most of the top tier 3D televisions include one pair of 3D glasses you will still need extras for the rest of the family or any guests you will have over to watch TV in 3D. Lower tiered 3D capable LED and Plasma TV usually don't include the glasses so for those models you will need to purchase a minimum of one pair of 3D glasses.

3D TV Glasses are proprietary, meaning that one brands glasses may not work on another brand's TV so if your friend has a Sony 3D TV and you have a Samsung they won't be able to bring their glasses over to watch TV and vice versa.

If you have a large family or a large group of friends that come over to watch TV this adds up to a lot of 3D glasses you need to buy. How much are they? Right now 3D flat panel TV is brand new and with proprietary glasses you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $250 for each pair of glasses. If you are purchasing a 3D HDTV for the family be sure to factor this into your budget. If you are purchasing multiple 3-D televisions for different rooms in the house try to stick to the same brand so your glasses will work on all the TVs.

Passive 3D Glasses

Passive 3D is by no means a new technology but it is hot in HDTVs right now. Passive 3D Glasses are much less expensive than active 3D glasses as they are not powered and do not have LCD lenses, batteries or charging ports. They also may not be proprietary, some passive 3D televisions even work with the glasses you get with your movie ticket when you see a 3D film in theaters. Most passive 3D TVs include multiple pairs of glasses as well, sometimes as many as 4 pairs. FOr the differences between these 3D technologies see our article: Active vs. Passive 3D: The differences between Active and Passive Glasses Explained.

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