Active Shutter Bluetooth 3D Glasses now Universal across Manufacturers for 2012

By , Senior Editor

Bluetooth Active Shutter GlassesManufacturers of 3D active shutter televisions have agreed to make their BlueTooth compatible 3D glasses universal and thus shareable. Bluetooth is a wireless short range connectivity standard which works perfectly under this scenario. This is a nice development since these glasses can be expensive running typically $29 to $50 a pair though there are usually a couple of pair included with 3D Televisions. This compares with the very inexpensive passive 3D glasses for passive 3D televisions. And while passive 3D TVs do not have as good a picture quality in our opinion, the idea of having lots of people watch at once leans towards passive 3Ds.

So with this new BlueTooth enabled development active 3D glasses become a little less expensive because of sharing or borrowing or bringing with. For example, the neighbor is having a 3D movie viewing and has a Samsung 3D TV. His neighbor has a Panasonic 3D so he borrows a couple pairs of glasses. Or several people can bring their glasses with them for a special sporting event. I know it sounds corny, but it might work in the burbs. Another advantage is that any active shutter glasses purchased will still be good for future TVs or multiple 3D televisions in various rooms.

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