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First 3D TV Coverage of The Masters with Sony in 2010

by Phil Coner and Robert Wiley

We had the good fortune to obtain Masters badges for Saturday at the Masters. We wanted to be on the course drinking "import" beer and eating pimento and cheese sandwiches the entire day while watching the golfers struggle with tee shots at number 11 or putting the ridges at number 17 green. But we had the opportunity and responsibility to make a stop by the Sony 3D display in the press box.

For a first go the display was impressive though there are always glitches and problems presented with a first run on something of this scale. Images were a bit soft and depth perception was not quite what i expected. There were motion artifacts present when jumping from camera to camera or scene to scene. This is part of 3D TV viewing that will likely be worked out over time for live material. It can tire the eyes to view it for an extended time and is very different from viewing computer animated 3D content. Nevertheless, it was a fun addition to the experience.

Comcast was the provider of the service while Sony did the 3D capture with HD cameras at varying angles. Sony has the LX900 series and HX800 series LED LCDs 3D TVs produced for 3D display for 2010 and one or both of these series was used to display the 3D casting. Overall, we'll give the effort a B....for brave or bravo or maybe even bravia!

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