3D Content: What can I watch on my 3D TV?

With all the 3D TV buzz at CES this year, many of you may be wondering what exactly will be available to watch in 3D if you pick up a new TV in 2010.

3D Movies on Blu Ray will make up
the majority of early 3D content

Many manufacturers are releasing 3D Blu Ray players for displaying movies in 3D. The Sony BDP-S470 is a 3D capable Blu Ray player that is already on the market, Samsung, Toshiba, Oppo and Panasonic have all announced their own 3D players as well. Many manufacturers will also be updating the firmware for existing Blu Ray players to make them 3D capable. At E3 2010 Sony announced that the PS3 would be getting a 3D update and produced a list of games that would be patched to include 3D as well as many new games that will be 3D enabled. Playstation 3 owners will also be able to download and watch 3D movies and other content via the Playstation Network. The PS3 has long been considered one of the best values in a Blu Ray player and this added functionality at no extra cost shows why.

Disney has already begun releasing movies and other 3D content on Blu Ray Disc and have announced a 3D version of their ESPN sports network. ESPN will be broadcasting many sporting events in HD 3D including the World Cup soccer matches. Disney has been a major player in 3D movie theaters so they already have a lot of 3D experience.

The Discovery Network has announced a 3D version of the Discovery Channel to complement their large line up of HD content and Direct TV is expected to have a number of 3D channels by the end of the year, the cable networks almost certainly won't be far behind.

Last but not least many of the announced 3D TVs will have built in conversion software to convert 2D content to 3D. We're a little skeptical on how well this will work since true 3D requires 2 images shot at different angles and shown to viewer simultaneously or nearly so to produce the effect. We are looking forward to reviewing these new models to see how they perform with real and converted 3D content.

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