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3DTV at E3, Sony and Nintendo offer Different Approaches to 3D

The Electronics Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is the largest annual trade show for video game software and hardware. With the big push behind 3D TV this year you could expect that 3D was going to make a showing at E3.

Electronics giant Sony was pushing 3D TV at CES earlier this year so it's no surprise that 3D was a big part of their show at E3. Attendees were handed a pair of 3D glasses on the way into the theater and the audience was treated to presentations on some of Sony's newest software in 3D.

Sony announced that all Playstation 3 models would be receiving an update later this year that will make them 3D compatible and a number of existing games such as Wipeout HD, MLB 2010 and Resident Evil 5 Gold edition would recveive free updates to make them 3D.

On the new software front Sony contends that Killzone 3, the sequel to last year's popular shooter, would do for 3D gaming what Avatar did for 3D movies. Almost all of the new high profile titles such as Gran Turismo 5, Mortal Kombat Fatality and Crysis 2 will also be 3D enabled right from launch. The 3D version of the game will reside on the same disc as the 2D version so gamers who update in the future will not be required to purchase separate software.

Games are not the only thing coming in three dimensions from Sony. They will add versions of movies to the existing movie download service on the Playstation Network. All in all, Sony displayed a heavy comitment to 3D entertainment at both CES and E3 in 2010.

Earlier in the day at Nintendo's conference, Nintendo of America's President Reggie Fils-Aime made some barbed comments about wearing glasses to view 3D. After this obvious shot over Sony's bow, the outspoken representative showed off Nintendo's upcoming handheld, the 3DS. The 3DS uses a paralax display combined with a camera to display 3D without the glasses. The camera detects the position of the viewer and tunes the paralax display to show separate images to each eye allowing for three dimensional effects without the need for glasses.

When the 3D update is released for the PS3 we'll be sure to test it out in a 3D TV review.

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