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Below you will find 3D TV reviews of models that are no longer current. For current model reviews, see the Reviews page.

Sony Bravia XBR LX900 Series  

Sony's 3D capable Bravia XBR line for 2010 is the LX900 series of LED edge lit LCD TVs. The 1080p panel features Sony's MotionFlow 240Hz to reduce motion lag and image doubling in 3D as well as the Bravia Engine 3 video processor reduces noise, enhances detail and optimizes contrast for a vibrant, lifelike image.
Sony Bravia XBR-60LX900, Sony Bravia XBR-52LX900

Sony Bravia XBR HX909 Series  

The XBR-HX909 series from Sony is another 3D ready LED backlit LCD on display at CES, however the HX909 features local dimming LED backlighting that allows for better control of the backlight to give better contrst in dark scenes and full brightness in bright scenes.
Sony Bravia XBR-52HX909, Sony Bravia XBR-46HX909

Sony Bravia NX810 Series  

For 2010 the Bravia NX810 lineup from Sony features a 1080p 240Hz panel with LED edge lighting and a full suite of Bravia features including picture processing, internet connectivity and home entertainment integration. The NX810 series adds 3D capability to al the features of the NX800 line
Sony Bravia KDL-60NX810 Sony Bravia KDL-55NX810, Sony Bravia KDL-46NX810

Samsung 9000 Series LED TV  

Samsung's flagship line at CES 2010 is the 9 series of LED televisions. Home entertainment innovation abounds in these TVs from the pedestal stand/wall mount bracket containing all the cirsuitry to the touch screen remote control than display broadcast signals on the screen. Throw in the .28 inch depth of the unit and the built in internet connectivity and you have a serious home entertinment hub for your TV room.
Samsung UN55C9000, Samsung UN46C9000

Samsung 8000 Series LED TV  

Samsung's 8000 series LED TVs for 2010 feature 3D capability in a slim, contemporary design thanks to the LED edge lighting. Samsung's proprietary 3D system allows compatibility with multiple 3D formats to provide access to 3D content from many sources.
Samsung UN65C8000, Samsung UN60C8000, Samsung UN55C8000, Samsung UN46C8000

Samsung 7000 Series LED TV  

Samsung's 7000 series LED TVs for 2010 feature a new contemporary design thanks to the LED edge lighting. In fact the depth of the unit looked to us to be around the same 1.2 inches in depth from the 2009 model. The big difference that we noticed at CES 2010 in aesthetics was the much smaller bezel/frame which was only about 1 inch on top and sides of the TV screen.
Samsung UN65C7000, Samsung UN60C7000, Samsung UN55C7000, Samsung UN46C7000, Samsung UN40C7000

Samsung LCD C750 Series  

The LNB750 Series is a CFL backlit series of 1080p, 240Hz LCDs with built in ehternet access to Samsung's Internet@TV.
Samsung LN52C750, Samsung LN46C750, Samsung LN40C750

Samsung Plasma C8000 Series  

Samsung's new line up of plasmas was on display at CES 2010 and the C8000 series is the top of the line. The 1080p panel uses Samsung's Real Black Filter for a rich image. The C8000 series is 3D ready and features a slim design with a brushed titanium Touch of Color for a stylish, modern look.
Samsung PN63C8000, Samsung PN58C8000, Samsung PN50C8000

Samsung Plasma C7000 Series  

Samsung's C7000 line up of plasmas for 2010 feature 1080p Clear Image Panels in a Brushed Black Touch of Color bezel. These televisions are 3D ready like many of the TVs at CES this year.
Samsung PN63C7000, Samsung PN58C7000, Samsung PN50C7000

Sharp Aquos LE925 Series  

The flagship Aquos LE925 series features Sharp's groundbreaking Four Primary Color technology. Normally the primary colors on a TV screen are red, green and blue. This new Aquos LED TV adds yellow as a primary color enhancing the picture with more than a trillion available colors. It also features 3D capability and includes 2 pairs of 3D glasses.
Sharp Aquos LC-60LE925UN, Sharp Aquos LC-52LE925UN

WX800 3D TV Series  

The WX800 series are LED edge-lit LCD TVs that feature 3D capability, built in WiFi and a full suite of internet features. The 1.2" deep WX800 is a sleek, fururistic looking addition to any room.
Toshiba 55WX800, Toshiba 46WX800

UL610 3D TV Series  

This UL610 series is the replacement for 2010's high end WX800 series LED. It is the flagship of Toshiba 3D for 2011
Toshiba 65UL610, Toshiba 55UL610, Toshiba 46UL610

ZX900 CELL TV Series  

Toshiba introduced it's new Cell TV at CES 2010, using the same cell processor found in the Playstation 3 game console Toshiba promises a vast feature set and impressive picture performance in this line of local dimming LED backlit LCD televisions.
Toshiba 65ZX900, Toshiba 55ZX900

LG LW5600 Series  

The LG LW5600 series contains most of the top end LED TV features offered by LG for 2011 with the extremely valuable Magic Wand remote control for use with the SmartTV (Internet Apps) features.
LG 55LW5600, LG 47LW5600

LG LE9500 Series  

LG's flagship Infinia LE9500 series are all picture with a barely there 8.5 mm bezel surrounding the LED backlit panel that features LG's TruLED local dimming technology. The LE9500 series is also the first 3D ready line of televisions from LG and is THX certified as well.
LG 55LE9500, LG 47LE9500

LG PX950 Series  

The PX950 Series plasmas have all of the features of the top tier PK950 series but add 3D compatibility, a 2D to 3D conversion feature, THX 3D certification and a facility for viewing pictures directly from a digital camera.
LG 60PX950, LG 50PX950

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