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Below you will find our recent 3D TV reviews. Each 3D TV was reviewed by one of our professional reviewers, Robert Wiley, Jack Burden and Phil Conner. These reviewers have more than 10 years experience each in reviewing TVs. Robert Wiley is one of the most respected television reviewers in the industry. Each 3D TV is calibrated to D6500K by one of our professionals prior to review so that we are always comparing apples to apples. We also are the only reviews that test post calibration ANSI contrast and post the results. By going to each individual review you will find our ratings for Picture, Features, and Value and the Overall rating for each. Thank you for visiting 3D TV Buying Guide. For older model reviews, see the Archive page.

Samsung F8000 Series LED TV  
The F8000 series is the top tier offering from Samsung for 2013/2014. It replaces the very popular ES8000. It is loaded with features ranging from voice interaction, Samsung's Smart TV, a quad-core processor, and 2D to 3D conversion.
Samsung UN75F8000, Samsung UN65F8000, Samsung UN60F8000, Samsung UN55F8000, Samsung UN46F8000

Panasonic VIERA ST60 Series  

The ST60 series is your middle of the road plasma offering from Panasonic in 2013/2014. It drops all 3D playback and the voice recognition features of the ZT60 and VT60 series. It keep the Viera Connect functions and uses an Infinite Black Pro panel to present an excellent picture. This is one of the best value models considering what you get for the price.
Panasonic TC-P65ST60, Panasonic TC-P60ST60, Panasonic TC-P55ST60, Panasonic TC-P50ST60

Sharp Aquos LE847U Series  

The LE847U series actually the same in features as the LE844U except in two different sizes and without the full array LED backlighting. It falls just below the top of the line LE945U series in features with Quattron 4 pixel technology. These two large TVs have edge-lit LED backlighting rather than full array local dimming. The Smart Central TV Internet options are available.
Sharp LC-70LE847U, Sharp LC-60LE847U

Sharp Aquos LE745U Series  

This series is the mid range tier for Sharp in 2012. It falls under the LE847U series in the Sharp line up and omits the Quattron and 240Hz specifications of that series while maintaining a value oriented price tag in very large sized edge lit LED backlit LCD TVs.
Sharp LC-90LE745U, Sharp LC-70LE745U, Sharp LC-60LE745U

Samsung E8000 Series  
The E8000 is the flagship plasma from Samsung for 2012. The new All Black Pure Filter improves contrast and black levels 10% over last year. Improved black levels also improves the color performnce. The E8000 has the new Smart Interaction that uses a camera to recognize your face and lets you interact with your TV via voice commands or motion control.
Samsung PN64E8000, Samsung PN60E8000, Samsung PN51E8000

Samsung E6500 Series  
The E6500 is a mid tier plasma from Samsung that contains many of the features you would expect in a top tier model. It has the All Black Pure Filter for increased contrast, a 1080p 3D plasma panel, the expanded Smart TV suite with more than 1500 available apps and the new full web browser. The E6500 also has built in WiFi.
Samsung PN64E6500, Samsung PN60E6500, Samsung PN51E6500

Panasonic VIERA VT50 Series  

The VT50 series 3D plasma represents the top of the line from Panasonic in 2012 plasma televisions. It has the new Infinite Black Pro panel with improved contrast and black levels, it also has the expanded Viera Connect online suite that has been expanded with more apps, a web browser and Myspace TV, an exclusive joint venture from Panasonic and Myspace.
Panasonic TC-P65VT50, Panasonic TC-P55VT50

Panasonic VIERA GT50 Series  

New for 2012 the GT50 series repalces last year's GT30 series. This model also features a 1080p Infinite Black Pro Panel with increased black levels and contrast. It also has the expanded Viera Connect suite with new apps and web browser but does not have the social networking features of Myspace TV.
Panasonic TC-P65GT50, Panasonic TC-P60GT50, Panasonic TC-P55GT50, Panasonic TC-P50GT50

Panasonic VIERA ST50 Series  

The ST50 replaces the extremely popular ST30 series from 2011. The ST30 series comes in 4 sizes ranging from 65" to 50" and it also features the Infinite Black Pro Panel, this effectively takes up from a mid tier model like last year's ST30 to a top tier model.
Panasonic TC-P65ST50, Panasonic TC-P60ST50, Panasonic TC-P55ST50, Panasonic TC-P50ST50

LG LM8600 Series  

This 2012 Cinema 3D model also features the new 5mm bezel for a single pane of glass look that remains one of our favorites. The 1080p, 240Hz panel is LED edge lit and the online Smart TV features can be controlled with the cool, motion sensitive Magic Wand remote.
LG 55LM8600, LG 47LM8600

LG LM7600 Series  

Another new line of LED televisions for 2012, LG's LM7600 series is impressive looking right from the get go. The bezel measures only 5mm so the entire front of the TV appears to be one beautiful sheet of glass. The 120Hz, 1080p LCD panel is edge lit with LEDs for a slim depth to match the slim bezel.
LG 55LM7600, LG 47LM7600

LG LM6700 Series  

The LM6700 is another set of 120Hz, 1080p LED telvisions from LG for 2012. It features LG's online functionality that they refer to as Smart TV and it includes the fun Magic Wand remote control. Gamers will certainly appreciate Dual View which uses the Cinema 3D to let both players use the full screen when gaming together on the same TV.
LG 55LM6700, LG 47LM6700

Sony Bravia HX850 Series  

The HX850 series has dynamic edge lit local dimming technology which allows a super high state frame rate hz rate conversion of 960 Motionflow on the HX850. Translated, this means great processing during fast action fast motion sequences. 3D viewing is hard to beat the design is the monolithic stand design that was popular on the previous highest-end models from Sony. Check out the full reviews of the models below.
Sony KDL55HX850, Sony KDL46HX850

Sony Bravia HX750 Series  

The 2012 Sony HX750 series is also dynamic edge lit but the primary difference between it and the HX850 series is that the Motionflow XR Hz rate equivalent is 480 rather than 960 on the HX850. The design of the TV is very nice - carrying the monolithic design onward. You get full web browsing, built in Wifi and a plethora of features with this new 2012 Sony. A cool little touchpad/QWERTY remote control comes with it to assist with the Internet/Smart TV functions.
Sony KDL55HX750, Sony KDL46HX750

Samsung ES6580 Series LED TV  
The ES6580 is a mid level Samsung LED television though you wouldn't really know it by the features. It has a 1080p, 480Hz LED back lit LCD panel and the Samsung Smart TV online suite. There are 1500 apps on the Samsung app store that range from streaming video to social media to games and many are available free of charge.
Samsung UN55ES6580, Samsung UN46ES6580, Samsung UN40ES6580

Samsung ES6500 Series LED TV  
The ES6500 series is a mid-range edge lit LED backlit LCD TV from Samsung that combines a few of the best features from last years models from Samsung. It falls below the ES6800 and above the ES6100 in the lineup. It does not have 480Hz like the ES6800 but it does have the upgraded 240Hz processing frame rate speed.
Samsung UN60ES6500, Samsung UN55ES6500, Samsung UN46ES6500

Samsung ES8000 Series LED TV  
New for the 2012 the ES8000 series LED television is the top of the line in LED back lit LCD televisions from Samsung. It looks fantastic with a slim .5" chrome bezel with picture going all the way to the edge. The black level and picture performance is impressive as are the expanded Smart TV features and the new Smart Interaction that lets you interat with your TV with hand motion and voice commands.
Samsung UN75ES8000, Samsung UN65ES8000, Samsung UN60ES8000, Samsung UN55ES8000, Samsung UN46ES8000

Samsung ES6100 Series LED TV  
The ES6100 series is a small step from the ES6800 series, these LED edge lit LCD televisions do contain the Samsung Smart TV online features but they are not 3D capable. This 1080p, 120Hz model is available in 4 sizes ranging from 60 inches to 40 inches.
Samsung UN60ES6100, Samsung UN55ES6100, Samsung UN46ES6100

Sony Bravia HX820 Series  

The HX820 series LCD from Sony is only a step down from the top of the line HX929 which has full array local dimming for better backlight control among other things
Sony KDL55HX820, Sony KDL46HX820

Sony Bravia NX720 Series  

The NX720 is another mid tier 3D LED TV from Sony, this one has the Gorilla Glass, Monolithic Design and X-Reality PRO processor but is 240Hz rather than the 480Hz of the top line models.
Sony KDL60NX720, Sony KDL55NX720, Sony KDL46NX720

Samsung 8000 Series LED TV  

The D8000 line of LED 3D TVs Feature a new look with a slim, chrome bezel that surrounds the panel and a chrome 4 legged stand for a very high end appearance. The 8000 includes 2 pairs of Samsung's improved active 3D glasses and the already excellent Smart Hub internet TV system includes a full web browser and a QWERTY keyboard on the remote.
Samsung UN65D8000, Samsung UN55D8000, Samsung UN46D8000

Samsung 7000 Series LED TV  

The D7000 is only a small step down from the D8000 with a slightly different look and most of the same features as the 8000 at less of a price. It does lack the web browser that's built into the 8000 but still has access to the App Store and many streaming content providers.
Samsung UN60D7000, Samsung UN55D7000, Samsung UN46D7000

Samsung Plasma D7000 Series  

Samsung's D7000 line of plasmas features the new +1 screen sizes, 1" more screen in the same size TV. These 3D plasmas also feature Samsung's new Smart Hub Internet TV.
Samsung PN64D7000, Samsung PN59D7000, Samsung PN51D7000

Sharp Aquos LE835 Series  

The LC-40LE835 will offer a value-oriented approach to 3D TV viewing while foregoing the highest end features such as full array true backlit local dimming. The LED panel is instead edge lit and does not worry with local dimming technology preferring instead to release its 3D content in 540 lines of resolution per eye.
Sharp LC-60LE835U, Sharp LC-52LE835U, Sharp LC-46LE835U, Sharp LC-40LE835U

Sharp Elite Series  

The Elite name returns but instead of being a high end plasma manufactured by Pioneer they are now high end LED back-lit LCD television manufactured under liense by Sharp. They share a similar look to the previous Elite series television and are packed full of new technology and features and are aimed at the high-end videophile market
Elite PRO-70X5FD, Elite PRO-60X5FD

TL515 3D TV Series  

The TL515 are a line of LED edge lit LCD TVs with passive 3D capability, Toshiba's NET TV Service and the new Cinespeed processor. They have a slim, attractive matte black bezel, include 2 pairs of 3D glasses and we were impressed with the capabilities of the passive 3D performance.
Toshiba 55TL515U, Toshiba 47TL515U, Toshiba 42TL515U, Toshiba 32TL515U

LG PZ950 Series  

LG's new PZ950 series plasmas feature their 3D, TruBlack panel and offer improved internet connectivity with LG's new Smart TV feature. These models retain the beautiful, seamless glass "Infinia" design from 2010.
LG 60PZ950, LG 50PZ950

LG LW6500 Series  

LG introduced the LW6500 series of passive 3D LED TVs at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, these new televisions combine many new picture features as well as LG's new Smart TV internet TV features. Each of these models also includes 4 pais of 3D glasses
LG 65LW6500, LG 55LW6500, LG 47LW6500

Toshiba 55TL515U 3D TV Review

Jack Burden reviews this new 55 inch, Passive 3D LED TV. "One of the big surprises from this TV was the quality of 3D viewing. I expected much less depth from the passive 3D glasses than we've been seeing with the active-shutter 3D glasses, but that was not the case. With active 3D we have seen more depth in the background of the picture, but with this passive 3D TV, we see images popping out of the screen towards us more." Read More...

Samsung PN51D7000 3D TV Review

See the Video Review The D7000 is another line of Samsung plasmas that are receiving the "+1" treatment. All the models in the line have a 1" larger screen made by shrinking the surrounding bezel so the TV remains the same size. Read our full review and see our video review of this active 3D plasma television. Read More...

Panasonic TC-P50ST30 3D TV Review

See the Video Review The ST30 series 3D plasma represents the most budget minded 3D TV plasma in the market place. It is specially designed for those that want 3D and a good picture quality but want to forgo some of the other most prominent features on TVs today. Read More...

LG 55LW5600 3D TV Review

See the Video Review The LW5600 series of 3D LED backlit LCD televisions contains a new feature which LG is calling "Cinema 3D", in actuallity this is passive 3D similar to what you find in movie theaters rather than the active 3D with powered 3D glasses like you find on other 3D flat panel TVs. See our written and video reviews to see how the LW5600 rated. Read More...

LG 55LW6500 3D TV Review

The LW6500 series are LED backlit LCD screens. The panel is made using LG's FPR (Film-type Patterned Retarder) panel that is said to better focus the separate images being fed to the left and right eye. Passive 3D technology means the LW6500's uses polarized 3D glasses rather than the active shutter glasses used most 2010 3D TVs. These passive glasses require no batteries, weigh less and are far less expensive compared to their active counterparts. Read More...

Samsung UN55C9000 Review

The UNC9000 series is the top of the line from Samsung for 2010 – the most expensive and feature laden TV they make. The plethora of features includes 3D TV ready, wifi ready, super thin frame, extremely beautiful aesthetic appeal, Samsung's excellent Internet Apps choices, 240Hz refresh rate processing speed, A 2D to 3D conversion system, and a super cool touch screen remote control. But what are the drawbacks? How do these features perform? Read More...

Samsung PN50C8000 3D TV Review

The PN50C8000 is the flagship 3D plasma from Samsung for 2010. We were thoroughly impressed with the picture quality and looks of this television. The active 3D will immerse you in the programming and the internet features have been substantially improved over the previous year. Read more...

Panasonic TC-P50VT25 3D TV Review

This is Panasonic's flagship 3D plasma television for 2010. It is a 600Hz, 1080p, active 3D panel with THX certification and internet connectivity. We expected great things from this television before we got it in our lab. How did it fare? Read the full review to find out. Read more...

Samsung LN46C750 3D TV Review

Samsung has taken the features of it's top line LED back lit televisions and put them in a traditionally CCFL back lit LCD TV to bring 3D and internet connectivity in at a lower price point. It isn't as slim as it's LED counter parts but how does it perform? Read on to find out. Read More...

Samsung UN55C7000 3D TV Review

Even though it's measured contrast would seem to indicate otherwise the black levels in the C7000 are strong, sometimes even overpowering. Combine that with the rich color information and you get a very vivid picture in this 3D television. Read More...

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