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Sony 24" 3D TV and Playstation Gaming Bundle Review (PS398078)

by Robert Wiley and Jack Burden


Sony PS3 3D TV BundleThe Sony Playstation 3D Display Bundle will be on sale this holiday season for $499. It includes a 1080p LED backlit panel with some standout gaming features, the primary one being the two gamer mode by which both players can view the screen in full 3D 1080 without the need for a split screen. This is a big improvement over prior systems though there are some competitors out there (Sharp and Vizio) with similar technology.


Other than that, there is a built in subwoofer and plenty of room for the built in speakers via those odd looking curved side bezels. In-built speakers are one of the most overlooked features in the TV market so it's nice to see that Sony is paying attention to detail on this specification.

Sony LED TV Screen Technology

The screen has some of Sony's best screen technology included and is actually a pretty good deal as included in this price. It's of the super slim variety as well with a 240Hz refresh rate to help keep up with the fast action gaming. The TV comes with a stand and two HDMI inputs (not a great selection).

The Dual View feature allows two players to be playing a game on the same screen at the same time. Rather than splitting the screen horizontally or vertically to give each player half a screen this TV uses the 3D tech to show one gamer's game on the left 3D channel and the other on the right 3D channel so by using the 3D glasses each player gets the full screen. Sony patented this technology earlier and now it has made it's debut in the real world.

3D Glasses Included

The Bundle includes one set of 3D glasses of the big and bulky active shutter variety. Sleek these 3D glasses are not, but they are surprisingly pretty light. OK, here's a question. Why do you only get one pair of the active shutter 3d glasses for a 3D gaming system? I guess to keep the price under $500 because the only way you will be able to game with a friend or family member on the couch in 3D is to purchase another set of the $69 glasses. Seems a bit chintzy. Make them buy another pair of glasses right off the bat. The compatible active 3D glasses are the PS398079.

Sony 3D Gaming Bundle Value Review

Sony 3D Gaming Bundle Specifications

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